Daily Archives: November 1, 2005

Trick or Treating

Our family joined the throng as we scampered from door to door last night. We enjoy choosing family themes and our theme this year was nursery rhymes/fairy tales. My six year old made a very charming Little Bo Peep complete with her bloomers, ruffley hat, and staff. Our little shepherdess shepharding us along from house to house. My five year old led the pack as little red riding hood. I can still loose myself in the image of her galloping ahead, her red cloak flapping around her as it caught air and in those especially joyous moments as she jumped her hood falling back exposing her pigtail braids flapping at the side of her head. Then our little curly haired blond three year old running to keep up holding tight to her big stuffed bear as goldilocks. Anxiously pointing to each house and showing off each treasure with shear delight. My husband and I even joined in the festivities as Jack and Jill toting along our pail and our youngest little tyke of seven months cloaked warmly in his Humpty Dumpty costume. His eyes growing sleepy in the gentleness of papa’s arms, not aware of the excitement and energy in the air. The Oregon rain subsided just long enough for us to make the rounds and we rounded off the evening warming up with corndogs and chili at a friends house as the kids galloped about and the adults chatted. I love these special family times and memories forever fixed upon my mind, after all isn’t this the joy of motherhood and parenting? Creating these special good moments that will last through the years. I will never forget the excitment in my children’s eyes the curls bouncing up and down running from house to house, and the red cape flapping in the night. These will become those special moments and thoughts I can cuddle up with on a cold day with a cup of hot chocolate.


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