Daily Archives: November 3, 2005

Joy of Life

Ray of sunshine come to play
Scatters rainbows dancing merrily
Chasing storm clouds from my face
Teasing me as I try to catch it in my hand
It breaks into a million pieces
As giggles bounce off the walls
Infusing everything with sheer delight of life

A splash of gaiety to even the darkest of days
I never thought I could hold a piece of sun
Until I held you.


Some children are infused with happiness and no matter how they try to contain it it just spills out all over the edges and creeps its way into every nook and cranny. Like filling up every hole on a waffle with syrup it continues to spill over. My 3 year old is such a one. I joke with my husband that her happiness and twinkle in her big blue eyes seeped into her hair and curled it. Her mischief is innocent and fun, except when it involves crayons and walls. 🙂 She has two modes of transporting herself, a dead run or hopping like a bunny rabbit, there is no walk because her energy and joy infuse her feet and they just take off dancing and jumping to the beat of life. I think I was blessed with her to remind me of how much joy there is to find in our lives.


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