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Quiet Strength

I find it strange that my oldest daughter is the hardest to write about. She can be just as joyous as Emmy, and as funny as Dot, maybe it’s just that she is more complex and her personality isn’t sitting out there on her sleeve. Most people can’t believe that she was my huge temper tantrum thrower, she doesn’t seem the type now and thankfully we are pretty well past that stage. She still has moments . . . (but don’t we all?)

Tender and loving, her smile comforts and reassures; her eyes hold wisdom beyond her years. Unsure and yet so confident striving to stride in her Daddy’s big steps. Shy and reserved, and yet spunky, goofy, and fun. She thinks of others and is so observant of what they need. She makes lots of mistakes as all of us do, but she strives so hard to choose the right. I am impressed by her everyday. She is an example to me and keeps our family on track. She will not let us go to bed without reading scriptures and saying family prayer. A great big sister always watching out for her younger sisters. (though tonight she pulled a stunt that split Dot’s lip, Dot is okay, but Lizard felt terrible that she had hurt her sister. I think we are all over it now. . . drama, drama 🙂 ) She’s a fun little buddy to have around and a great little helper.

So, now you have had a chance to meet my four wonderful children. They each have their own contribution to make to our family and with each I have my own special challenge. I love the wide scope in their personalities. There is one major common thread running through them and that is love. Love is inherent in children, especially when it is encouraged and reinforced. They don’t complain about giving to others in need and always have a hug and kiss ready for anyone who walks in our door. I think my children are great and the cutest, funnest, best kids in the world. But then, I am their mother and it should be that way.

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