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Bread, Underwear, and Cracked Eyelids

I baked bread today and was immediately transplanted back to my childhood. Isn’t it funny how little things will trigger a flood of memories? I grew up on a little farm in Pennsylvania. I remember waking up early in the morning to do the chores. It was so cold in the fall and winter, I slept in my jeans sometimes because I didn’t want to put my cold clothes on before heading out into the snow. There was nothing better after smashing the ice out of the water bucket for the chickens then coming into the glowing warm kitchen and being greeted with the sound of the bread mixer and the smell of hot fresh homemade bread. Yummmm. I love eating fresh baked bread; I always have to make at least one or two extra loaves or it will be devoured in less than two days and we’ll have nothing left for sandwiches.

Ok, side note, I was just watching Amazing Race and one of the families who was afraid of being the last team to arrive was putting on all their clothes in case it wasn’t an elimination round. They saw another family arrive behind them and took of running with their underwear on over their pants and I was just laughing so hard because I found it extremely funny . . . I personally would be mortified to realize that all the world would see me in my underwear, even if I was fully dressed underneath, but I suppose that is why I will never participate in reality TV. At least they were clean . . . hee, hee, hee (sorry, I couldn’t resist)

Dorothy informed me the other day with all the knowledge of a 5 year old, and we all know that even at this age they know everything, that Jacob’s eyelids were cracking. I raised my eyebrows at her amused and asked, “And what tells you that they are cracking?”
“Oh, the lines all over his eyelids (veins of course) mean that they are cracking.” She said this all very seriously and I was trying my hardest not to crack up laughing. Then she adds as if to seal any question or doubt with utmost authority, “Elizabeth told me.”


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