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Ode to Pepe & Tribute to Joplin

I woke up on Friday morning and found it strangely quiet, but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I got busy with the kids and cleaning things up for some company that was coming later that day. In our family room there is a built in bar. Seeing how as we are such big drinkers (very sarcastic here) we have turned the bar into our zoo. We have two degus (Chilean squirrels) named Bonny & Clyde, two turtles we call Fred and Adagio Oscar, a hamster named Dilly Dally, and a cockatiel called Pepe (pronounced pay-pay). I went behind the bar to get something and that is when I realized what the difference was. Our usual happy whistling Pepe was silent. Now that was odd, and when I looked at his cage I realized that he wasn’t sitting on his perch. Alas he was dead as a door nail. Lying on the bottom of the cage. I was rather sad, he was a great whistler and would keep me company with his whistling, in fact he could whistle better than I could. (Though that is not saying much). So we greeted our company with forlorn faces and sad tears (on the kids part, I’ll miss the poor fellow, but one less cage to clean . . . ) Dad had a ceremonious carrying to the garbage and we all bid our tearful goodbye reminding our children, “There are other worlds to sing in.” (From “Information Please” by Paul Villiard) I must say it is a lot quieter around here lately . . .

On a completely different note . . . My son loves Scott Joplin. Well, actually he loves all music in general, but his favorite is Maple Leaf Rag. All I have to do is play the first three chords and his eyes light up and he squeals in excitement and his whole little body starts boppin to the music. It is adorable. I must say my playing lacks though because I am so interested in watching what he is doing I don’t pay attention to my self. While my brother was here visiting he took some video, so if you click on the link below you can see my little man rocking out, just ignore the mistakes on the piano please. 🙂 Personally it reminds me of an old silent movie that someone put to music.

Jacob & Joplin
Jacob & Joplin 2

I have the video files on: Putfile


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