Catch a Falling Star

Ever wonder where that annoying song stuck in your head comes from? I had a roommate in college that was an absolute hoot. She was bubbly, cute, and fun, and she had a great sense of humor. The main thing I discovered about her was that she would always get this one song stuck in her head. “Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, never let it fade away.” Come on, you know you are singing it too! 🙂

It would drive her crazy. It would be stuck there for weeks on end. Well, there was a little secret that she didn’t know about. I can’t pass up on a great joke or opportunity to tease for anything (unless I know they’ll get mad at me, then I’ll just dream about it and never do it, I try really hard not to alienate too many people). We would be in the kitchen, or at the vanity, or hanging in the living room and I would quietly, almost inaudibly, start humming. “Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket.” With in minutes she would be singing the song out loud and cursing (cleanly) the obnoxious song that would not leave her head. I was silently giggling. It became a great game, trying to see how long I could get away with it, and wondering if I’d be beaten to a pulp when I got caught. 🙂

Finally we were in the kitchen cooking and I started to quietly hum. The dawning look of the terrible truth came into her eyes, “It was you!” “You did this to me!” Of course she wasn’t really mad just laughing, so I started singing obnoxiously at the top of my lungs, “Catch a falling star and put it in you pocket, never let it fade away!” as she chased me up the stairs snapping her wet dish towel at me.

Now Paul and I play music wars and we purposely try to hum the most obnoxious songs we can think of to get it stuck in each other’s heads. I just recently got the song from a Strawberry Shortcake movie stuck in Paul’s head and he was humming away at work. We try different musicals and any of the kids movies. It has become a great source of entertainment. It has been so much fun that I decided to see if I can get a song stuck into peoples heads by blog, so sing with me now, “Catch a falling star and put it in you pocket, never let it fade away!”

Have fun singing!! Let me know if it worked, wa ha ha ha. (Evil laugh)

Catch a falling star and put it in you pocket,never let it fade away . . .


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8 responses to “Catch a Falling Star

  1. well mark one notch on your belt, because as soon as i read the title i started singing. heh.

    as long as it’s not “i’m too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it huuuurts”… then i’m good.

  2. You rat. (I mean that in the nicest way possible; it’s what my FIL says to my MIL and I can’t think of a couple that loves each other more than they do –except me and Paul OF COURSE!)

    “This is the song that never ends,
    it just goes on and on my friends,
    some people started singing it,
    not knowing what it was,
    and they’ll continue singing it
    just because
    this is the song that never ends
    it just …”

    (Oh I really hope that Lambchop’s Play Along was not just in Canada…)

  3. I can see it now, I have started a blogging music war, every time we leave a comment we’ll end in some obnoxious song . . . (gald to see my experiment working!!)
    pm- I will consider your calling me rat as a distinguished compliment on the part that I succeeded. 🙂 Paul and I consider “dork” to a term of endearment in our family, no sooner did he read this post then he looks at me and says, “Dork.” I just grinned back and giggled.

  4. Ha, sometimes we do this to each other, but not always on purpose. Sometimes we have a hard time tracking down who started it, because we’ll both be stuck with the same song and not know why.

    Sorry, that’s just not very profound, is it?

  5. goofyj- that’s so funny about “dork” being a term of endearment. it is with me too… well, not both ways though. i call matt my dork, and he calls me his nerd.

    sometimes we just yell it out randomly. we’re sweet that way.

  6. Dork is also a term of endearment here. If you know how Ches proposed, then you know why.

    And thank, you everyone. Now they are all stuck in my head! AAAHHH!!!! Here’s one for all of YOU:

    It’s a small world after all!
    It’s a small world after all!…

    hee hee hee

  7. Proud Mum-Lambchop was in the U.S. too. I recognize that song and thank you very much its now in my head, but I am not familiar with Catch a Falling Star…” I can’t think of a really good one right now. But I bet if I ask Shane he could rattle one off quickly.

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