I have to take a moment tonight and praise my piano students. We had our piano recital this evening (we have two a year) and everyone did so well. I always get so nervous for all of them, wanting them to do their best. It feels so good to work hard for something and then have it turn out well. So I was so pleased when all my students did an outstanding job. No one was perfect (are we ever?) but the mistakes were minimal and they really sounded polished. I was really proud of them. I have had recitals that haven’t come out this good, but tonight was just awesome. We had everything from My daughter Dorothy plunking out a few simple notes to Scott Joplin and Aaron Coplin. The wide range made it especially fun. I know I am not supposed to have favorites as a teacher, but my two favorite kids (Lizard and Dot of course 🙂 ) did really well too. I could tell that Dot especially was nervous but she just plowed right through her little piece. You go girl. And Lizard held hers together really well too. It wasn’t Carnegie Hall, and we definitely aren’t concert pianists, but we love music and had a lot of fun. ( I must say, it is a big relief to have it over though)

One more thing . . in a strange twist of fates . . .

A lady from church came to visit yesterday and told me she was looking for a home for her two girl cockatiels and was wondering if we would like them. The strange part? She didn’t know that Pepe had just died. Of course I said yes and she will bring them tomorrow. I haven’t told the kids yet, they will be so excited. So, I am collecting name ideas. Some kind of dynamic girl duo. I’ll even post their pictures when they come, since you all never got to meet Pepe. *sniff* 🙂


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7 responses to “Recital

  1. Yay for good recitals! I love that. I feel so validated, as the teacher. Really self-serving, teaching music students. 😉

    My only suggestion for female bird names are Anne and Diane (from Anne of Green Gable). That’s all I could think of at the moment. I’m sure there are waaaay cooler duos out there, but I can’t think of them right now. And when I read the ones from others, I’ll say to myself, “Well duh, idiot brain. Can’t believe you didn’t think of that one!”

  2. Here are some (though I’m probably showing my age — let me know if any of them need explanation):

    Laverne and Shirley
    Xena and Gabrielle
    Lucy and Ethel
    Mary Anne and Ginger

  3. Awesome suggestions so far! Between you guys amd my fam. I’ll have a hard time deciding!!

  4. Anne and DianA! Not Diane! I’m such a dork. I’m leaving verbal vomit in all comment boxes lately. Sorry. Here’s another suggestions:

    Mary and Rhoda

  5. So, we have now selected 3 favorites from ideas we have heard so far and are trying to decide, we have:
    1. Pitti-sing & Peep-bo (from the Mikado)
    2. Lucy & Ethel
    3. Toot & Sweet (from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Paul’s idea the only problem is that everytime I see them I will break into song – talk about getting a song stuck in your head!)

  6. I vote for Toot and Sweet. I love that movie so much! I actually thought that they were playing the candy whistles until a few years ago (very few years ago, if you must know) when I was watching the movie with my little niece. The scene came on, the song started, and I yelled, “Hey! They aren’t playing those! Those are flutes I hear!” Boy, did I feel dumb.

  7. I vote for toot & sweet too. So what if you break out into song every time. 🙂

    and congrats on your recitals. Its always good to have something turn out good.

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