Daily Archives: November 30, 2005


My dad made up limericks. Fun, corny limericks. I think he wrote one for each of us kids and made up a bunch of others too.

My limerick:

There once was a girl named Julia Ane
Who jumped into a frying pan
She found it hot
There on that spot
And so she called for a fan
My favorite non kid limerick:

There once was a great purple Lizard
Who had an oversized gizzard
Hungry for bones
He ate hail stones
And died of an internal blizzard
I think my dad has left me a legacy. I found my self the other night making up limericks for my kids. I got Dorothy’s and Emily’s done.


There once was a cute little dot
Who found herself in a tight spot
She gave a wiggle
And made a giggle
And found she was tied in a knot
-J.H. Schmidt

There once was a bright ray of sun
Who decided to go for a run
In Emmy it found
A place safe and sound
And stayed to play and have fun
-J.H. Schmidt
The others will be forthcoming. Limericks are just plain silly fun, isn’t it great?


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