My dad made up limericks. Fun, corny limericks. I think he wrote one for each of us kids and made up a bunch of others too.

My limerick:

There once was a girl named Julia Ane
Who jumped into a frying pan
She found it hot
There on that spot
And so she called for a fan
My favorite non kid limerick:

There once was a great purple Lizard
Who had an oversized gizzard
Hungry for bones
He ate hail stones
And died of an internal blizzard
I think my dad has left me a legacy. I found my self the other night making up limericks for my kids. I got Dorothy’s and Emily’s done.


There once was a cute little dot
Who found herself in a tight spot
She gave a wiggle
And made a giggle
And found she was tied in a knot
-J.H. Schmidt

There once was a bright ray of sun
Who decided to go for a run
In Emmy it found
A place safe and sound
And stayed to play and have fun
-J.H. Schmidt
The others will be forthcoming. Limericks are just plain silly fun, isn’t it great?


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3 responses to “Limericks

  1. gotta love limericks. I remember making them up in elementary school. Those were all really cute and sounds like they pretty well describe your girls.

  2. It’s funny how stuff from our childhood sticks like that. One time as an adult, I asked my dad about a little rhyme I remembered him saying when I was a kid (not about me). There was a second verse that I didn’t know all the words to. He looked at me all surprised, because apparently the second verse was a bit risqué. (He never did tell me what it was.)

    Oh well. Your kids will remember these limericks for their entire lives, and probably make some up for their kids when the time comes, too.

  3. aw, what a great family tradition. those were the cleanest limericks i’ve ever heard… but i was surprised yours didn’t have something to do with duck muck. heh.

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