Daily Archives: December 7, 2005

Like Mother, Like Daughter?

I used to think I didn’t get into too much trouble or didn’t drive my poor mum completely batty. I tried to puzzle over where my Dot got her crazy antics and quirks. Then this morning a horrifying thought was revealed to me.

It all started with her shirt. Actually two of them. She was wearing her black school t-shirt with her white t-shirt underneath.

“Honey, you only need one shirt, go take one off.”

“I can’t mom.”

“Why ever not? Is it stuck?”

“No, silly.”

“All right, then why can’t you take one off?”

“I need to wear the black one in order to keep the white one clean.”

It took quite some reasoning with her before she would take off one of the shirts. And then I remembered my poor mother.

“Julia, why do you have 5 shirts on?”

“Well, my other shirts got dirty, so I just put on a clean shirt on top of the dirty one.”

Well, to me it made sense. Why waste time changing right? Of course I think there were times when I just added layers for the fun of it.

So my horrifying thought? I am much more responsible for my daughter’s crazy antics than I thought. And Mom, if you read this, I am so sorry for all that laundry I caused you. Oh boy, am I ever sorry. And now its time for me to go change loads . . . again . . . . .


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