Weekly Anamnesis #3

I sit surrounded by glass walls.
Pain and fear exposed
Agony bared for all to see.

I cling desperately to hope,
Fearing my world shattered
And my son ripped from me.

Optimism besieged by thorns
Pricking and piercing the tender flesh.
Trust and reliance put in God and Miracles.

Faith and prayer is not in vain
My arms enfold him in walls of love
Joy bursts forth, gratitude proclaimed.

-J.H. Schmidt

Some background might be insightful or appreciated and can be found here.


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5 responses to “Walls

  1. i hadn’t read the history of your son before. you really captured the emotion well in the poem. wow.

  2. Thanks you guys. I have a hard time showing emotion (other than happiness, I’ll spew happiness before any other emotion . . . ever, and crying, I hate crying especially when people can see me) and writing poetry when I know people will read it is hard, and scary because of that emotion thing. Big step for me (just another wall I’m trying to tear down I guess) 🙂

  3. did you write that poem when your baby was in the hospital or now for this post? I’m curious as to whether the words were found in the height of the emotion or when remembering back.
    It is very beautiful, I wish I had a way with poetry, but alas I do not… 🙂

  4. I actually wrote the poem now for this post, I could barely think at the time, let alone write poetry. Since time has passed I can finally think about how I felt with out turning into an emotional wreck. (very glad to have those days past I tell ya) 🙂

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