We live in walking distance to the new elementary school. Often the girls and I will walk in the morning. I’ll load up Emily in Jacob in the bike trailer/jogger bundle them up and close them in and off we go. Yesterday it was cold and slippery and I thought my hands were going to freeze to the bar. We walked to the end of the street where the crossing gaurd was waiting.
“I have to go to the police station after this,” she says.
“What happened?”
Apparantly she was standing in the middle of the road letting a boy cross. There was a car behing her, right up to her rear. As soon as the boy hit the middle of the road and was crossing to the other side she zipped around the crossing gaurd and took off.
Maybe now they will finally do something about that intersection. I hope if they don’t, nothing worse will happen. The cars on the one road just zoom through and the city says “We can’t put a crosswalk there.” They have decided that stop signs aren’t neccessary either. They might, might, put in a sign that says 20 mph when children are present. But it is December and nothing has happened. My kids walk through there every day, lots of kids do. I hope nothing drastic has to happen before they do something. In the meantime I am grateful for our dedicated crossing gaurd that is out there every morning freezing helping our kids cross safely.



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4 responses to “Crosswalks?

  1. that’s rediculous. i can’t think of one thing that shaving off a few seconds of time is going to help. not one.

    crossing gaurds should legally be allowed to kick cars as hards as the can, and maybe even take an axe to them as the pass in such situations. or… is that too extreme? heh

  2. Crossing guards are wonderful, kind people who receive very little thanks for the important work they do. At Ben’s old school, the crossing guard was verbally abused by parents dropping off their kids who didn’t care about putting other kids in jeopardy in the process.

    At the new school, the crossing guard is very friendly and takes the time to tell me the best ways to navigate the busy streets on foot.

    Julia, has there been an organized effort on the part of parents to petition the city about a crosswalk? If there are enough concerned parents at the school, you could organize a meeting or something and come up with a plan to make your voices heard. If that’s already been done and the city is ignoring it, well, it’s time to write a letter to the paper. (I don’t know. Sometimes you can fight city hall, and sometimes…well, good luck!)

  3. It seems like everyone always waits until a child dies before they do something. I hope you can get the problem fixed before it goes to that.

    (haha my word verification is McKiss. Is that the new name for McDonalds French Fries?)

  4. Karen- The school (and parents)took it to city planning etc, they ran some “studie” and found there not enough traffic, etc. I guess, the school and parents involved were really ticked. THe school submitted a letter to the paper which they were planning to publish and then it got booted by something “more important”. I’ve canvased the neighborhood and talked with parents, but I think we are all frustrated that no one is listening. Unfortunatly with all the kids and piano lessons I just don’t have time to chase everyone down and beat them. 🙂 I’m sure there is more we could do but I’m not sure what, or that I have time to do it, especially with two still at home during the day I can’t go to meetings etc. I sound like I am making excuses, maybe I am. Hmmm . . .

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