Daily Archives: December 19, 2005


It snowed yesterday! We came home from church and were eating lunch and I looked out the window and saw beautiful white flakes floating to the ground. Upon hearing my exclamation of surprise the girls started off in squeals of joy, Jacob joined in without knowing why. The kids threw on their coats and stampeded out onto the deck. It wasn’t coming down very hard and barely dusted the deck but the kids were dancing a jig and making snow angels on the deck in the little snow there was. It was fun to watch and made me smile. The snow was replaced by freezing rain though and by nightfall everything was a sheet of ice. Thankfully it warmed in the morning and we woke to the sound of rain beating softly upon our roof and safe roads for hubby to drive on to work this morning. No more snow though, and that makes me sad. Hopefully it will really snow this year. In Oregon you never know.

There is something so joyous about watching your children play in the snow and building a snowman together. Maybe its their giggles and laughter. Maybe it is the rosy cheeks and nose shining through the cold and the big grin that lights even the darkest corner of the soul. Maybe it coming inside and driving out the cold with hot chocolate. Maybe it is the remembrance of past years and your own childhood joys being mirrored in the children’s faces. Or maybe, just maybe it is love. Love for the snow, love for each other, love of joy. Yes, I think that is it. It is love.


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