I was watching the Incredibles with my kids (for the umpteenth time) and my mind started to wander. It was right about the time Elastigirl was keeping the kids from fighting (which always made me laugh). Then I had a sudden horrifying thought. I had missed my calling! I could have been a super hero! Lightening quick relfexes, super intelligence, and such speed and agility! No? (I know you are shaking your head and laughing right now, admit it!) Alright, you might be right, but just hang in there and hear my reasoning. It all began on a warm summer day in Utah . . .

I was in highschool and we were visiting my two sisters, one of which was newly married. Her husband had a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. They were like gold. Especially considering my sister and brother-in-law were poor starving college students. We went on numerous family outings, gallavanting all over the country side. After one such afternoon the sunglasses were forgotten on the dash board. A pretty safe place for said glasses, right? Only if you have “Reflexigirl” on your side.

We had no airconditioning in that particular van and so we had the windows rolled down all the time. My mom likes to zip around corners (and my hubby wonders why I drive the way I do, hee hee) and on one particular corner those sunglasses picked up a bit of momentum. Mom gave a shout and my eyes followed those poor glasses sailing right out the window.

Quick as a flash a transformed, I was no longer Julia, but “Reflexigirl”, quick as lightening my hand shot out of the window and snatched those glasses right out of the air. Outside of the car! Woohoo! I quickly reverted to normal, but not before my secret identity was given away.

So you see, I missed my calling in life. But every once in a while you can see her dart about and snatch things flying through the air as if they were standing still, and you know: “Reflexigirl” is here. (Why do I still get the feeling you all keep laughing at me? It’s the agile part, right? Well how can you have a klutzy super hero. Hmmm? Answer that one!)


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5 responses to “Reflexigirl

  1. Ah, Ray Bans. They are like gold. Or were, anyway. Totally understandable.

  2. … but maybe the world needs a klutzy super hero.

  3. Is it possible to have to “Reflexigirl”‘s? Ever since I first got pregnant with Will I have noticed my reflexs have improved dramatically. I would go out to lunch with a friend, he’d knock over his glass, I’d catch it and have it standing back up without a single drop being spilled. He’d look at me and say “You’re definitely a mom in training!”.

    We keep the halloween candy bowl on top of the fridge. One day I opened the fridge door to have the bowl crashing down on top of me. I caught the bowl and only two pieces of candy escaped. I’m sure I have more stories, but those are the only ones I can think of right now.

    Great catch out the window by the way!

    Oh, and I don’t question the klutzy part. I think of superman, his alter ego, Clark Kent, was way different than the real superman. If your alter ego was the same as your super person then everyone would know it was you!

  4. Totally possible, ABQ, We can form the “Reflexigirl” society and save the world of disaster!!

  5. Do you get to occasionally wear a cape? šŸ™‚

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