Hush Little Baby

Elizabeth came and knocked on my office door the other day while I was wrapping presents.

“Dorothy accidently woke Jacob up, so he’s awake now.” (I love how they have to say the same thing in as many different ways as possible)

“Ok, I’ll be right out.”

I finished up the package I was on and emerged from my office. I heard a faint sound in the background which continually grew louder. It took me a few seconds to recognize that it was Dorothy . . . singing. She wasn’t just singing she was belting at the top of her little lungs a somewhat mournful out of tune song. I was half way to the baby’s room when I recognized what she was singing.

“Hush little baby don’t cry a word, mamas gonna buy you a mocking bird . . . ”

Then I heard Jacob squealing and giggling. I peaked into the baby’s room to spy and the image was so sweet. There was Dot standing on the edge of the chair leaning over the crib singing away. And there was Jacob looking up at her with the biggest grin on his face. Pure joy, for both of them. No one cared she wasn’t in tune and missed half the notes it was absolute adoration for both of them.

P.S. While I was sitting here writing this blog Strawberry Shortcake was playing in the background for the girls to watch. Suddenly Paul calls out, “Honey I think there is something wrong with this picture! (I am thinking, with the TV? You’re the mechanical one, what do you want me to do about it?) The girls are in the kitchen painting and Jacob and I are sitting here watching Strawberry Shortcake. I just had to giggle. I’ll have to stowaway all these little “tortureous” moments to tease Jacob with when he is a big “manly” teenager. Hee Hee.


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4 responses to “Hush Little Baby

  1. I LOVE it when Jaedin sings to Jenacy! How neat that she was even singing a real lullaby!! Kids are so much fun šŸ™‚

  2. HEY! he can be manly and have a sensitive side. besides… it’s strawberry shortcake. STRAWBERRY shortcake. c’mon… STRAWBERRY. it’s all about the strawberry.

  3. I can’t wait till Will starts to have that softer side. Loved the part about the men watching strawberry shortcake while the girls were in the other room!

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