Tooth Fairy? Who’s she?

Elizabeth had her first loose tooth a couple of weeks ago. She comes running into my office, “Look mom! I have a loose tooth! When it falls out I am going to put it under my pillow!”

“How come?” I ask.

“I don’t know, I’m just going to put it under my pillow!”

She finally lost it last week, the first tooth in the family. She was delighted when she discovered why you put it under your pillow. So now I have an adorable toothless kid (Jacob has teeth now so he doesn’t count anymore in the toothless category). It was one of her bottom front teeth and now the other bottom front tooth is starting to get loose. I hope she looses it before the other one comes in, I love kids with big gaps in their teeth, I think it’s adorable. Hee Hee. 🙂


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6 responses to “Tooth Fairy? Who’s she?

  1. After the first couple of teeth, the tooth fairy stopped coming to our house. Ben informed me he was going to hide his tooth and not put it under his pillow because he didn’t want the tooth fairy to take it. (I still don’t know where all those teeth are. I’m afraid to ask.)

    Toothless kids are cute. I expect you’ve got a few years of those ahead of you. 😉

  2. Karen, that is too funny. One of these days he’ll be “excavating” in his room and find a pile of old teeth! Hee Hee Hee! What a character!:)

  3. That makes me shudder, just thinking about it.

    But so does the opposite, with ten year olds getting ten dollars for each tooth. That, also, makes me shudder.

  4. Also reminds me of a tooth fairy story, but it’s so vague I’m not sure it’s even enough of a story to tell. Let’s just say I was convinced with unshakable certitude that the tooth fairy existed when I was about six.

  5. i learned real early that the tooth fair was also daddy claus. talk about a let down. 😦 heh

  6. Our tooth fairy reccommended that were to keep our teeth in a little jar of water on the table next to our bed. There was none of this “Please put your tooth under your pillow” nonsense. 😉

    Maybe its the photographer in me, but big toothless gaps that doesn’t sit well with me, maybe when its my own kid I’ll start to find it cute like others do.

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