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An Apple A Day . . .

I Really dislike going to the doctor. I dislike the doctor so much that my husband has to wheedle and pester me to death before I’ll go for my yearly exam or whatever they’re called. He finally got me to go for the first time this year in probably about 9 years or so. It’s not that I don’t like my doctor or think they don’t know what they are doing. I don’t have anything against modern medicine, that’s for sure. I am just of the sound opinion that Dr.s are for sick people and if I’m not sick well . . .

I hardly ever take my kids to the doctor either, besides which they are hardly ever sick. ( I would take them if they were really sick) I do make sure that my children go to all of their well child appts. and get all of their immunizations, but before now I could take kids to the doctor the most about 4 times a year (and that was only when they were a baby and had to go that many times). That was before.

I have been to see the doctor 4 times in the past month. 4! In one month!! It would be understandable if it invovled different kids, but nope, it was all Jacob. First he had to go in for his RSV vaccine, then he had a double ear infection, then he had a small infection on his chest by his incision line (that made my blood pressure rise a bit, but it isn’t anything for me to freak over, yet anyway. Don’t you love that? They always say, “It’s nothing to be concerned about yet.” So it just sits and festers in your head driving you crazy. I have decided that the Lord is trying to teach me patience and I am a particularly stubborn learner), then today he had his 9 month well child check up, which was good because he had another double ear infection. So I get to go back to the Dr. in two weeks time. I’ve gotten to know the kids’ Dr. and nurse so well that I sent them Christmas cards this year! (That might be common, but I have never done it before.)

And I wonder why I woke up this morning with a headache the size of Texas? Hooray for modern medicine and Advil. 🙂


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