Happy “Goofy” New Year!!

Yea! My fingers have happily found their way back to my blog. Things turned out to be unexpectedly busy this weekend. To help us welcome in the new year was rain, lots and lots of rain. The crawl space under the house got flooded and Paul bought a sump to pump out the water, it took close to 12 hours to get all the water out Sat. Exciting stuff.

Happy year 2006! Ahh we look forward to ye. I started the year of with a smash! I was baking pie . . . yum . . . pumpkin pie to be exact. My hubby was feeling particularly cheesy and corny and jokes were flying around about the kitchen at the speed of light. Almost like little lightning bugs bouncing off the ceiling. Most of which I shall not repeat I think I said “I’ll have to blog that!” about 20 times but by the end of the evening could hardly remember my own name. But I do remember the pie.

I was having my usual great kitchen luck. Did you know that tapioca pudding (dry, not cooked) when coated on the bottom of your feet makes for great skating? I opened the cupboard to get spices for the pie and the tapioca pudding just leapt out of that cupboard. I swear I didn’t touch it, it just attacked. I was afeard for my life I tell ya! Tapioca scattered everywhere and though Paul swept it up he didn’t sweep the bottom of my feet which quickly became coated in little tapioca beads. It was like having your feet turned into roller skates. Of course we had to break into song (it was just one of those days). If you have ever seen “Thoroughly Modern Milly” ( a spectacular musical spoof starring Julie Andrews) you shall recall the “Tap-Tap-Tapioca!” song. I tapiocaed and sung while skating and pirouetting across the kitchen floor. Well, until I just about fell on my fanny and got Paul lamented that I was scattering more tapioca across his cleanly swept floor.

After my tapioca skating, or it may have been before, I decided to juggle the eggs. Well, really it was one egg and it wanted to be FREE!!! So as I gently picked it up from the carton it quickly slipped to its freedom. But no sooner did it achieve it’s sought after goal did it meet its final end upon the cold hard floor. Paul was horrified over the poor egg’s fate and began to sing a lament to the egg. “Poor egg is dead, we hardly knew ye.” Which caused me to break into song once more:
“Poor egg is dead, the poor egg is dead. No longer will he make our pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie. It’s really such a waste. You’d better clean post haste (inserted by Paul thank you). Be careful or I’ll stick it in your eye! In your Eye!” (Please sing to “Poor Judd is Dead” from the musical Oklahoma).

Yes, I know we are incredibly dorky, but boy did we laugh. The whole evening was dissolved into laughter many times. And I thought to myself, “Self, what a wonderful beginning to a new year.” And myself answered back, “Yes self, I agree. May this year be filled with lots of giggles . . . and moos. (Paul was mooing over our roast beef at dinner tonight)”

So at the beginng of this new year, I bid farewell to the old and hope that this year is much less exciting and filled with lots and lots of laughs! šŸ™‚ (Tap-tap-tapioca, flap-flap-flapioca . . . . . . )


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10 responses to “Happy “Goofy” New Year!!

  1. oh man, i’m laughing so hard at tapioca skating. glad to know there’s a use for that stuff after all. šŸ˜‰

  2. In true Julia fashion I set loose an entire glass of egg nog yesterday. So long eggnog, so long glass, your time with us was short, and we hardly knew ye!

    Happy New Year and thanks for the laughs!

  3. Now I wish I knew those songs so I could sing along.

    My word verification is “yinof” (enough?)

    I can take a hint.

  4. Okay, but this one’s better:


    (I kid you not.)

  5. Happy New Year!! Nothing like starting a year off with tapioca skating!! Great story!!

  6. Went out to lunch today, spilled water all over my lap. In true Dana form!

    Loved the image of you skating around the kitchen floor, I agree with FF, now we know what that stuff is REALLY for.

    The question that is nagging on me is this: Where were your children when all of this was happening?

  7. How come everyone gets really cool word verifications that they can make actual words or phrases out of, but I get these extrememly looooooong ones that make NO sense? Like this one: mpwmtzmv. It just sounds like what I’m mumbling first thing in the morning (which not even I know what I’m trying to say when I first wake up).

    You guys really are the goof family. You make me laugh.

  8. I can top you Sariah… vjzxwfbk. I kid you not, that is my varification word…

    I love to laugh! Sounds like your family feels the same!

    Oh, and Karen- you should look into XM Radio (they have a broadway chanel that I am addicted to!)

  9. ABQ- the kids were actually having “quiet time”, we don’t make them take naps but they have an hour or so where they play in their room on their own to give mommy and daddy a break. My hour of sanity in the afternoon. :)–>

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