Can I Do It? Yes I Can!

Emily lately has been on a “Bob the Builder” kick. She just loves that show. She walks around singing the song and any time she is trying to do something she says, “Bob the builder, can we fix, build, or do it? Bob the builder, Yes we can!” It’s really fun. Today we were walking home from getting Dorothy at school and we arrived at our front door. When the screen door is latched all the way it is pretty tough to open and Emily is always trying to open it, “by myself, cause I a big girl now!”

So today she runs up to the door and as she gets ready to open it I hear this, “Can I do it? Yes I can!” She sucks in her breath really big for a super hero effort and a great big tug. The air audibly exhales and with her exhale comes the sigh, “no . . . I can’t.” It made me chuckle and I thought I’d get clever and try that with the potty. “Can we do it? Yes we can!” She just looked at me like I was from another planet. Apparently it only works if it is self motivated. (I just wish her speed was my speed sometimes . . . )

P.S. to any family members who read these and do not have a blogger account, I just changed the comment page so you do not have to log in or have an account to comment. If you want to leave a comment you just mark other or anonymous (It’d be nice if you put other and your name so I know who you are) and put in the word verification, (that is just so I don’t get spammed). Oh, and a big thanks to big bro. Paul for helping me tweak my page the rest of the way! 🙂



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5 responses to “Can I Do It? Yes I Can!

  1. Ah, toilet training. Good luck with that!

  2. I would LOOOOVE for Will to watch Bob The Builder, is it on a regular t.v. channel? Since he was born, I’ve never seen it on t.v., just commercials for the little videos you can buy in the store. suggestions?

  3. ABQ- in our area it is on the public brodcasting channel. It used to be only on early Sunday morning, but with schedule change its on weekdays at 10. So, I’d check your public brodcasting schedule. Good luck! 🙂

  4. they had a big bob the builder show here … like, well, it could have been a couple of years ago. i’m bad with time.

    but these gigantic headed people were all over the place. it kinda freaked me out. heh

  5. My boys liked Bob the builder but I couldn’t handle the incesant whining of the different tractors and such. Then again I’m not their demographic am I.

    I found Bear in the big blue house more my speed. They also have a potty training video that I used to introduce the idea of the potty to my boys. What ever works, right.

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