I Can’t See Him!

We were driving to Paul’s Aunt’s house on Saturday and listening to the radio. We are classical music listeners so we were listening to the local classical station. They were finishing up then end of movie hour when the radio announcer said he was going to put on the theme from “Superman” to end the hour.

Paul very animatedly pointed out the window, “Wow! It’s a bird! No, It’s a plane! No! It’s Superman!”

Elizabeth didn’t fall for it, but Dorothy and Emily sure did. “Where!” “I can’t see him!”

Then Emily, “There he is, there he is!” (who knows what she was looking at)

“I don’t see him. I don’t think there is a Superman in this world,” says Dorothy.

“There is on TV!” Emmy replies, so very sure of herself.

The funny thing is, the only Superman they have ever seen are the really old cartoons. Oh, and during all this they accidently put the wrong music on, they played the theme from “Hook”. So we went through the same thing when the right music came on . . .

“It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman!”

“Where?” . . . .



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3 responses to “I Can’t See Him!

  1. i don’t know why julia, but this reminded me of a game my sister and i played when we were kids. it was always on really long trips too, but we owned the sides of the road. say for example, if we went down elm street in Stillwater, Oklahoma… one of us would lay claim to eskimo joes, and the other was stuck with whatever crap was on the other side.

    many fist fights broke out on those trips. many. maybe it wasn’t such a good game after all. heh.

  2. We actually had a game similar to that too, except ours was counting cows. We’d each pick a side of the car and count cows we saw out the windows. Things would get pretty heated when someone would end up with 500 cows on their side and on the other side all we could do was sit and moo out the window. 🙂

  3. Where is Superman? Are you SURE he’s out there? he he.

    That was just too funny to read. Love it. I’ve told you this before, but I feel I need to say it again. I look forward to when my kids are a little older and they come up with this crazy stuff themselves!

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