Some People Are Just That Way

I’ve read lots of posts about neighbors, mainly strange, crotchety, or criminal ones. Those stories are often more entertaining and interesting anyway, and I enjoy reading them. But today I choose to be boring (just getting to my computer has been a feat today) and I’m going to blog about my very sweet nice neighbor, and you all will say, “Awwww . . . ”

I woke up this morning sick as a dog. Paul stuck around to get the kids off for school while I huddled in bed wishing that morning had never come, well 3:00 a.m. anyway. I was trying to figure out how to get Dorothy home from school in the middle of the day, with out making myself feel the need to high tail it to the bathroom, when I thought to call my neighbor friend. She also goes to my same church and we visit frequently. She doesn’t have a car but agreed to come watch my two littlest kids while I went to pick up Dorothy, which made it so much easier.

She and the little girl that she watches full time arrived (walking about 4 blocks in the rain) and I headed out the door, thanking her for coming profusely. Needless to say when mom is sick, the house just goes to wreck and ruin. I got home, and there was my neighbor friend, cleaning my dishes and she announced, “I have made a decision and there is nothing you can do about it.”

I am sent off to lie down while she cleans up my kitchen, feeds my children, and picks up my living room. She finally stops and sneaks off only after I have fallen asleep on the couch. So here I am, in my clean house feeling oh so grateful for caring neighbors and friends. Oh, and she insisted on bringing dinner tonight too. My dreadful miserable day, isn’t quite so miserable now and I feel very lucky. šŸ™‚ (ok, time to go back to sleep now . . . zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz let’s just hope the kids don’t get into too much trouble . . . hee hee)


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6 responses to “Some People Are Just That Way

  1. “Awwwwwww!”

    I’m not just saying that because you told me to, but because that really is the sweetest thing!

  2. Well that’s just nice, isn’t it? Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  3. I love nice people. its so nice.

  4. Thanks everybody. Wahoo!! It is a new day and I feel GREAT! Thank goodness it was only a 24 hour thing. Bring on the chips and salsa!!! Well . . . ok, maybe not yet but I glad that if I had to get sick it was only 24 hours sick. šŸ™‚ Now, we’ll just hope the kids evade it and I’d better start working on that laundry. Just in case . . .

  5. I love nice people! One time, I had to leave for an unexpected trip very quickly so my house was a disaster… I asked a friend of mine to bring in the mail and water my plants… I came home to a sparkling clean house! She even cleaned my carpets!

  6. i love it when people do kind things like this. and not because they feel obligated, but because they are truly just caring souls.

    next time you see her not only did she touch your life, but ours as well.

    i just feel all gooey and happy inside. heh.

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