I turned off the last light plunging the house into darkness and silence. The children had all long since gone to bed, and Paul had turned in just a bit ago. I have never been terribly fond of the dark. I find it smothering, and too many toys to step on and injure feet. As a child I always saw things lurking or heard footsteps or other sounds. I still tend to have an overactive imagination even though I have gotten used to navigating my house in murky shadow.

I shuffled to the front room and stopped. I thought I had heard something at the front door. I strained my ears, listening. I pushed out the memories of that night in high school when the dog had started barking. I nervously looked to the front window half expecting to see a face pressed against it same as before,but was relieved to see that the curtains had been drawn and no one was jiggling the door knob. Nervous now, I went to check it just to be sure. “You are being melodramatic again, ” I told myself, “just tell that overactive imagination of yours to go to bed.” And I crossed back through the front room to the hall.

As I walked down the half, pushing toys out of my path I stopped again, “No, just Jacob snoring.” I peaked to make sure and checked on the girls to be sure they were asleep. I finally made it into my room when I heard it again. A noise, a suspicious noise. “That is it, I’m turning on the light to investigate” I thought. My hand reached to the light switch.

All of a sudden a hand snaked from behind the door and clamped on my arm! A shriek escaped from me and I heard some one dissolve into laughter. Exasperated I whirled around and accused him, “one of these days your going to kill me!”



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8 responses to “Dark

  1. You have such an entertaining way of writing about an ordinary family occurrence (well, I can see it being ordinary in your “unique” family — which I mean in a good way, of course). You know, by the end, I felt like giving your husband a punch in the arm for putting you (and all of us) through that.

  2. Yes, please give Paul a really HARD punch in the arm! Husbands can be soooooo evil. I’m very much scared of what’s in the dark (darkness itself I find oddly comforting), and when Ches does that to me I’m not happy. He can’t stop laughing, of course.

  3. My heart was beating as I was reading this Julia, tell paul, that from all of your readers, that was SOOO not cool!

  4. It makes me think of this summer when our bedroom window was broken out. I’ll have to tell that sometime.

  5. If my hubby ever did that to me, I would kill him! Literally!

  6. Alas, it is a very common occurance in our family, and even if I know that he is there I will still at least jump and sometimes even a mini shriek. And no worries, he has gotten many punches in the arm (I’m surprised it’s not constantly black and blue, but then I’m surprised my nerves aren’t completely shot either!!) Hee Hee 🙂

  7. heh.

    apparently you haven’t kicked him in the boys very hard yet during these kind of moments. that’ll stop it.

  8. I confess that I knew what was going to happen. My Paul is much like your Paul in that respect.

    In fact, my Paul scared his brother out of sleeping in his own room for extended periods of time when they were children. He’s now teaching our baby to jump out and scare me.


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