Moments of Triumph

I decided it has been a while since I have gloated over my beautiful children and wanted to take a moment to do a couple of happy dances.

First, Emily is potty trained! YIPPEEEEE!!!! Happy dances all around, I am down to one child in diapers and a whoosh of a sigh escapes.

Second, Jacob is doing so well. He is full fledge crawling, only commandos when he wants speed now, and is pulling himself up to standing and cruising around furniture! My pediatrician is amazed, every one was so worried that he would have developmental delays and here he is leading the pack. Though I think he observes the dog a bit too much. He likes to pick up those puzzle pieces with the nobs on them with his mouth and crawl around, it is too funny. 🙂 He has 6 teeth now and likes to bite my big toe when I am typing on my lap top and not paying enough attention to him. His heart cath is looming ahead, one month away on March 3rd and while we should get, and hope for, a good report it is still nerve wracking and a bit scary; we remain ever positive.

Dorothy has managed to stay out of time out at school for months now and is learning so fast. She was exultant this morning when she tied her shoes with out any help.

Elizabeth is becoming such a great big sister and loves to read. It is so exciting to see her pick up a book and really read it just because she wants too.

While we have our ups and downs and major insanity moments I have to say life is great and I am so blessed. I have witnessed miracles first hand and I get to cuddle four (and one particularly miraculous one) every day.



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4 responses to “Moments of Triumph

  1. Brag away, babe! It seems like we’re never allowed to actually brag about our children, but there is nothing wrong in celebrating the good times and triumphs. You are very blessed, and I’m so glad you recognize that, too! Yay for you and your family!! 🙂

  2. Hooray for all of you!

    Remember, this is your blog. You can brag about what you want, when you want, and with the frequency you want.

  3. Congratulations, that really is a wonderful thing. YAY!

  4. seems like a lot to be proud of julia. and i really enjoy it when you boast about the wee ones.


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