I think I am an oddity. I friend brought her two boys over to my house today and we let the kids play. It was one of her first times to visit and for her boys to play.

“You have swords?” she asked rather surprised as her two boys and my two girls galloped through the house waving the plastic swords in the air.

“Why of course!” I replied. I was used to this kind of response when moms of boys come to play. They always seem so surprised that my girls play swords, match box cars, and tools. We have suits of armor, cow boy hats, and Indian head bands.

I have grown accustomed to hearing, “Wow! I wouldn’t expect you to have _______ with mostly girls!” And I think but these are the fun toys. As a child I would always choose the toy gun over the doll, or the sword over the barbie. How else will you play pirates, or Robin hood, and is it possible to play space and Star Wars with out light sabers? (which they are getting for their birthdays this year.)

So, I might be an oddity, but I bet my girls have more fun! 🙂



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5 responses to “Oddity

  1. if by odd, you mean cooler than all git, then yes, i’d agree.

    we would have been great friends when we were little. i mean, we would have so been on the same page as far as playing.

  2. My cousins (all girls) got Matchbox cars and tracks one year for Christmas. We all played with them, but the next year apparently they made a special request to Santa Claus to get “girl toys” for Christmas.

    (Seriously, I don’t know what my uncle was thinking.)

  3. My two girls love to play cars…

    At least your neighbor didn’t say “you let them play with swords? Isn’t that a little violent?!” I have gotten that one before… At least I don’t let them play with guns!!!

  4. Oh I am SO on the same page as you! But I don’t have swords or guns. I’m just not ready for Will to start playing with those things yet. Maybe in a few years, but he uses other toys and pretends like they are swords or guns so that works.

    You are so NOT an oddity, look every woman that has posted on your blog agrees with what you’ve said!

  5. Janelle

    We have matchbox cars, swords and bow/arrows, and most of all — ALL things superhero! There are some princesses and baby dolls mixed in there too.

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