We gathered up our pails and walked out our back door, down the hill, past the barn, through the field skirting the edge of the marsh and reached our destination. Blue berries as far as my short eyes could see. I loved blueberries and I loved the bushes even more. They were magical, home of pixies and elves. Gnarled and bent they would form tunnels and huts, much like giant rabbit warrens. Berries would kaplink into my pail like in my favorite story book, “Blueberries for Sal.” I loved the sound of the berries pinging against the tin, the timbre changing with the size of the berry, a special kind of music. There were no bears here, but I would pretend there were. And they would ask me in to dine, but I was too smart for them and would fatten them up on their berries first. They’d not have me for dinner. I would have tea parties with the nymphs hiding in the bushes, you had to ask their permission to pick their berries you know. If you didn’t they would put a pox on you and each finger would swell until it was humongous, indigo, and round. Somehow my pail never got full, and I know it was the mischievous brownies pilfering my berries.

Mother asked me why my lips, teeth, and tongue were a peculiar shade of purple.


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8 responses to “Blueberries

  1. It reminds me of Blackberry picking. But those come with huge 1 inch long thorns! But man it was fun to climb over hills to get down to the big berries no one had reached yet. You’re from Oregon, I KNOW they have good size Blackberry Bushes there, you know what I’m talking about!

  2. made me think of blackberries too. i don’t think i’ve ever had a blueberry. they are those ones that are round and purplish and looks like something a bird would eat, right?

    oh, now i’m thinking of rainier cherries. now strawberries. it all goes back to the strawberry.

    am i rambling? why yes, yes i am.

    did you explain to your mom you kissed a smurf?

  3. ABQ- Ahh yes, I am very familiar with art of blackberry picking as well, but even the pixies avoid those because their wings get caught on the thorns! 🙂

    FF- Had I been of the kissing type (I decked a boy once for such offense), why I probably would have, however I think I chose to be cursed instead, and though my fingers didn’t swell up and turn purple, my mouth turned purple instead. Darn nymphs, I just forgot to ask on my first berry . . .

    And oh you poor soul, I truly feel sorry for you, ne’er a blueberry? Really? Oh, they are delish!! 🙂

  4. That last comment was me (julia, goofyJ) I am just logged in as my hubby (snoopydad)

  5. I don’t have anything to say that would do this post justice, it was so perfect. Okay, two very simple words:


  6. what can i say julia? i’m a dork. i’m a visual person, and that includes being a visual eater. something about blueberries weird out my eyes for some reason.

    never even had a blueberry muffin.


  7. blueberries-yum
    (blackberry jam-yum)
    (blackberry syrup-yum)
    rainier cherries- double yum!

    I should write about Shane’s first experience eating a rainier cherry, it was classic!

  8. When I see the word “rainier” I think “more rainy” and then I think “A rainier cherry is more rainy than a regular cherry.” And I think, “That’s because they are talking about the Pacific Northwest, and it’s rainier there.”

    Um, moving on now…

    FF, I can’t believe you’ve never had blueberries. You might like blueberry pie. But that reminds me of how for years my mother always served blueberry pie for dessert when Mike and I would go there for dinner, because she got it in her head somehow that blueberry pie was Mike’s favourite. I mean, he likes it, but not that much. She could have served a different dessert. I think he liked the custard better than the pie.

    Mmmm, blueberry pie and custard. Yum!

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