Olypmic Opening Ceremony

I am a huge olympics fan and settled down with my hubby to watch the opening ceremony. At one time we started laughing because we saw them bring cows onto the floor (fake cows) and then we saw them. The dancers. I have now found the perfect outfit for Paul. A cow tux!! The pants were black and the jacket was white with cow spots! It was so awesome, we wear laughing so hard. Paul told me if he had to wear the tux I had to wear the dress. The gal was wearing a white dress with cow spots all over it. Who ever thought we’d be kowtowed (hee hee) during the olympics!! 🙂



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3 responses to “Olypmic Opening Ceremony

  1. We missed it last night, I hope it was good!

    It sounds like you’ve got your whole outfit planned. Its so fun to have jokes like that you can pick up and continue throughout your marriage.

  2. I saw those outfits, we had a good laugh, too, but now when I think of them I’ll always think of you guys. You silly guys. You silly fun guys.

  3. i missed the opening ceremonies too. 😦

    and then, last night, i stayed up to see the medals being given for the day, and they didn’t even show it.

    what’s up with that? that’s my favorite part of the olympics!

    (or did i fall asleep during that part?) oops.

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