I never knew!!

I saw this on Hazel’s Blog and couldn’t resist:

Ten Top Trivia Tips about GoofyJ!

  1. It is bad luck to walk under GoofyJ.
  2. GoofyJ can last longer without water than a camel can.
  3. Americans discard enough GoofyJ to rebuild their entire commercial air fleet every 3 months!
  4. The Vikings believed that the Northern lights were caused by GoofyJ as she rode out to collect warriors slain in battle!
  5. During World War II, Americans tried to train GoofyJ to drop bombs.
  6. In Japan it is considered rude to talk with GoofyJ in your mouth.
  7. If you break GoofyJ, you will get seven years of bad luck.
  8. GoofyJ is the sacred animal of Thailand!
  9. The fingerprints of GoofyJ are virtually indistinguishable from those of humans, so much so that they could be confused at a crime scene.
  10. If you toss GoofyJ 10000 times, she will not land heads 5000 times, but more like 4950, because her head weighs more and thus ends up on the bottom.

I am interested in – do tell me aboutherhimitthem

Some extra funny points: I have always had a hard time drinking enough water, I really do have viking ancestors, as I have posted recently I have been to Japan, and I certainly hope I am not tossed 10,000 times because if I am I will surely break and would hate to cause anyone bad luck! Hee Hee

I had way too much fun plugging in names and Paul and I dissolved into riotous laughter on many occasion, I think my favorite was in one when I typed in Julia, it said “The average human spends about 30 days during their life in Julia.” Man, how I wish that were true, no more of this 9 months thing!!! hee hee hee

(oh, and they’re even funnier when you read them out loud . . . it helps you realize just how ridiculous you are . . . oops, did I say you?, gee, I should have said they . . . . )


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4 responses to “I never knew!!

  1. What a fun game. Those really are some funny comments! You can learn so much about yourself from these things, like who know it was bad luck to walk under you, you better warn your kiddies!

  2. i can’t believe we americans waste so much goofyj.

  3. you know, FF, I am about to become a rare commodity. . . šŸ™‚ I might become extinct altogether, then what would you all do? (probably enjoy some peace and sanity in blog world, heh )

  4. I’m impressed at how GoofyJ is so intwined in superstition.

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