We had planned to go to the mountain today. Even with the sudden cold weather we had hopes of taking the children sledding. We thought we might not be able to go, so we planned something else just in case. Plans are made to be broken, they say.

Paul carried Dorothy out of church yesterday with a sudden onset of a 102.5 fever. They called him into primary because she was shaking in her chair. And the never ending rocketing commet took a 4 hour nap and went to bed at night without batting an eye. She was over it by this afternoon. Now Emily has a fever or 102. So, we stayed home today and watched “Wallace and Grommit.”

Two down, two to go (let’s just hope Paul and I don’t get it). And I, I am going stir crazy and want to go hunting pirates, but there are none to be found . . . all are suffering from sea sickness upon the Jolly Roger. 🙂


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5 responses to “Plans

  1. You could take a look at this picture from a photo blog I visit. It’s a fish in an aquarium with a pirate theme decoration. I had just finished looking at it when I read your blog entry. Coincidences abound in blogworld. Avast, matey!

  2. Thanks for the pic link 🙂 that was cool and I could feel piratey even though my troop of pirates are on hiatus. Arrr . . . though I must say, Jacob was playing pirates with me (he is a great little sword fighter) hee hee

  3. yikes! hope the little ones feel better soon. and the big ones don’t feel bad soon. 😦

  4. Drink more water! Take your vitamins! Keep warm! uhhhh Eat good food? I am trying to remember all the stuff my mom used to tell me when I was trying not to get sick… you can do it!

  5. heres hoping your ship of pirates gets better soon. So you can all sail the high tide and get pirate’s booty.

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