Axing Relaxing

Yesterday was such a nice relaxing day. We all were outside playing and working in the yard. We set up a little fenced area for Jacob to crawl. We were told to keep his activity to a minimum, but you can’t keep an 11 1/2 month old from crawling, so we quaratined him. In the evening we took the family out to see “Curious George” which was adorable and funny; a complete hit with the kids.

We pulled into our driveway and unloaded the girls. Just as I turned back to get Jacob he threw up. He threw up two more times in the time it took me to run inside and get towells. My mommy radar was swiftle swinging toward the panic and paranoia mode. We got him out and everything cleaned off. We are not allowed to give him anything more than a sponhge bath so I set up some towels on the kitchen floor and bathed him. Fifteen minutes later we were snuggled up in my recliner and he was drifting off to sleep when he threw up 2 more consecutive times. We sponged him off again and I cleaned up.

I was stressed. I was switching between, ate too much and tummy bug, to reaction to something from his cath. My logical side was saying that if it was a reaction it would have happened on Friday sometime or early on Sat. My panicked side was dissagreeing vehemently. The care sheet we brought home said to contact the doctor for persistant vomitting. How persistant is persistant? It was after hours and the message at the cardiologist’s office said that if it was urgent to page the doctor. Well, is a puking baby urgent? I was thrown into fits of indicision and after praying and going back and forth we decided to leave it be and see what happened over night and today.

So, obviously, I stayed home with him from church and so far we are doing well, but I haven’t given him much more than watered down formula with pedialyte. I never thought a baby throwing up would cause so much panic. I am going to drive myself insane. I am sure all is well, as he hasn’t thrown up again, I just need to get my mommy radar back into the “I am sane” mode. heh 🙂 Of course, I am very grateful that I only have to deal with a little throw-up compared to other more serious complications and problems.



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7 responses to “Axing Relaxing

  1. Oh wow, I’d be freaking out too. Maybe too much excitement, with the movie and everything? Gosh I hope the news is good and he is okay.

  2. I, too, would have hit panic mode–calmly–I was always calm ’til the crisis was over, then fall apart at the seams. We’ll keep Jacob and you in our prayers. Let us all know how he and you are doing.

  3. Well, I think it may have been a tummy bug or he just ate a bit too much. He hasn’t thrown up at all today, and we gave him some crackers a few hours ago. I am back into sanity mode I think, though I still give him that wary eye from time to time; pretty sure we are over it, whatever it was.

    Allrie – though I wasn’t at church today, Paul had fun talking with the Zimmermans about you and they said they have enjoyed their yearly Christmas cards. It’s fun to have a connection, even though I don’t know you, I feel like I do. 🙂

  4. yikes. i would have been a little (ok, a lot) anxious too.

    sure am glad he’s feeling better and hopefully the anxiety for you has subsided some.

  5. Well, I have decided officially that he had a 24 hour tummy bug. The reason for my declaration? Paul threw up this morning. I never thought I’d be relieved to have my hubby or other family member get sick, heh. 🙂

  6. Its funny, when my daughter wakes up and pukes, the next day she’s fine. I think, hmmm, sensitive stomach? gagged herself with her binky? Then a day later my son or I get sick too. THen I realize it was just a stomach bug, I know that feeling of relief when another family member gets sick too. 😉

    But then I would have probably been paniking if it was only a few days from being in the hospital. But like allrie said, I’m calm during the crisis then fall apart when its over.

  7. I recall the Great Stomach Flue Days–I was pregnant with Sariah, and we had her two cousins (then aged 4 and 2)living with us. It was a bright sun shiny day in Oregon, so we decided to take a picnic lunch and drive over to the coast.

    There, it was overcast and soon began to rain (I have never seen the Oregon coast when it wasn’t overcast!) So everyone–back into the car to eat. As we headed home, first one child, then the other threw up. By the time we got home, so was my husband. I’m afraid that even though I cleaned everything up I was not very sympathetic: I have “morning sickness” 24/7 for 9 months!

    Oh oh, what did Steve and Judy have to say???I have to worry–after all, I slugged Steve in Sac Mtg one day. There was a good reason!:D

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