Seeing Spots

I don’t mind spots, really I don’t. Most spots will wash out of clothes, come out of the carpet, or scrub off the counter. Some spots stain and that makes me a little sad. The color spot that float in front of your eyes when you’ve stared at a bright light are kind of cool, especially when there is a wide variety of colors. Heh. The kind of spots though that really drive me crazy are the ones on Jacob’s chest right now.

So, after the throw up Jacob got congested. Yesterday he started in with a bad cough and this morning I woke up to spots. They’re small, like little pimples, on his chest, face, one on his IV site, and a couple on an arm. But no fever, well, nothing that would be considered a real fever anyway. So I took him to our pediatrician.

After thoroughly inspecting him and mulling it over it was decided that, with no fever especially, that the best course of action was to sit on it. And wait. Ironic that the weekly anamnesis yesterday was “Waiting”. It seems I have done a lot of that lately. Chances are it is nothing. Our Dr. did say that rashes similar to Jacob’s aren’t uncommon with tummy bug/cold/congestion combo like Jacob has. Hopefully it will disappear over the next few days and we’ll chock it up to some mysterious culprit. I thought too that it could just be a reaction to all the stress his body has been under. (In which case I might wake up with spots tomorrow – hee hee). I don’t deal well with the unknown and waiting to find out what it is, if it will get worse, or if it will go away. But hey, I can be grateful it isn’t something that landed us immediately in the hospital or something. 🙂

I suppose that for the next little while I’ll be seeing spots . . . (and hopefully tomorrow I can write about something cheery, spotless, and different)



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7 responses to “Seeing Spots

  1. I cannot imagine how hard this must be–waiting, when you have already gone through so much with and for this child. I can verify the mysteriousness of spots: Lura gpot spots…maybe she had roseola, but no fever,…and it went away after a couple days. Erica once got spots that looked liked cheerios all over her body. Best guess–allergic reaction to something she ate…we never figured out what, they disappeared after about 48 hrs. When she got older (4-6) she would break out in spots from her own sweat! Good thing I was her classroom teacher in first grade. After recess, she would have to go into the bathroom, pull off her blouse and wash. Fortunately she outgrew that! (Can’t you just see Miss Hockey Goalie with tat problem?!
    Hopefully the spots are gone and they were nothing!

  2. All spots bug me, on the carpets, or clothes, but I’ve learned to try to ignore them the best I can. But I bet those on little Jacob’s chest would be the hardest to ignore. Yesterday I thought my little girl was coming down with a rash. I found out when my husband came home what had caused her rash.

  3. So…what caused her rash??? How can you leave us in such suspense??? Or am I just dense?:D

  4. Monday night when I was at Band Rehearsal my husband was in charge of getting the kids into bed. He put them in the tub and turned on the shower. The water got hotter than he thought it did and it scalded her a little bit. Its pretty much gone now. But I wish he would have told me earlier, then I wouldn’t have spent the whole day trying to figure out what she had eaten or gotten into that might have caused it. I don’t think either of us would have that would have caused it. I’m still suspicious

  5. I have a confession to make… don’t know if you can relate to this, or not. I know when Joseph came out of the hospital, after surgery… he was sick with a cold and he was so little and skinny and well… I was so scared of having the responsability of noticing if something went wrong. what if I didn’t notice that he was really sick… or worse, turning blue and not breathing well. What if his breathing/heart stopped and I didn’t notice. I was quite paranoid. After the wonderful one on one care he recieved in the hospital, I felt quite inadequate.

    I can remember taking Joseph into the hospital to get checked out, about a week after we got home from the hospital, in the middle of the night because I was worried about his breathing. Our whole family was sick with an awful cold, the doctors had warned us that it was so important for Joseph not to get sick.

    The confession about all of this is that at the time… I was hoping that they’d want to keep Joseph in hospital. Of course, I didn’t wish him to be sick but the thought of the responsability being taken out of my so inexperienced hands was quite appealing.

    They did send him home saying that he was ok and if anything changed for the worse, to definitely bring him back in. Joseph ended up doing wonderfully and pulling through the cold without fever or any troubling symptoms. Of course, I am so thankful for that… it’s just that at the time, I was so exhausted and feeling too small for the huge job of having the responsability of my child’s health in my hands.

    Just wanted to share that. Can you relate?


  6. Christine, I can totally relate. After Jaco’bs surgery not long after we got home Jacob got a really bad cold too. He was sooo congested and had reciebed the RSV vaccine the month before because our cardiologist was worried that if he even got a bad cold he could land back in the hospital because of the problems with his lungs we had after surgery. (they had collapsed after they had extubated him the first time and it was rough going trying to get them to clear up again.)

    I was so worried that his lungs would collapse or that he would quit breathing I raced into the ped’s office to just make sure his oxygen was up. It was, but I was so paranoid, and felt much the same way as you did.

  7. Even when your child is “healthy” we can get paranoid about the responsibility. When my second came along, I figured, OK, I can take care of one, but I don’t know about two…then we had 4 nieces and nephews come to live with us. Suddenly I had 6 kids aged 6 and down–and was pregnant with my third with two infants. So often I felt completely overwhelmed. It’s harder when you get them in a bunch like that, no chance to grow into it…but my ward was enormously supportive (Newberg) and somehow, we all survived.

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