SPRING! . . . ?


Gee, it sure looks like spring doesn’t it? It was so warm and sunny. Our daffodils are up all over the yard along with the crocuses (sp.?) and the ornamental plum trees a blooming beautifully. So the question is, why on did I wake this morning to 2 inches of snow?? Usually snow is welcomed, I just don’t want to loose all my purty flowers. And snow, in Oregon, in March? That is very odd in and of itself. But needless to say my kids loved it and built a huge snowman. So, now that I posted my beautiful spring pictures, on Monday I’ll be able to post my winter pictures. heh. 🙂


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6 responses to “SPRING! . . . ?

  1. Those photos are SOOO cute!!! I really like that first one where they’re all standing around the flower. That’s adorable!

  2. Such beautiful pictures! How strange for you to get snow. Most of the flowers should be okay, but if fruit trees are blooming, that could be bad news.

  3. I love all the wonderful pics. Amen to what Karen says. What a crazy winter it has been.

  4. Wonderful photos! Here, in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada… it’s snowing as I write. I love winter but am looking forward to some green grass and warm sunshine. I can’t wait to take the boys outside to play!

  5. Mother Nature has played the same cruel trick on us here too. The entire month of January and February felt like spring. Now we are back down to freezing temperatures at night, snow showers in the high elevations and lots of wind! Yucky, yucky wind. Especially since its been so dry, everyone has dirt filled smiles.

    I wouldn’t worry about the flowers, they’re pretty resilant to snow, the fruit trees will only have a problem if it got below freezing temperatures. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the trees.

    My favorite picture is the one with the girls all standing around the daffodil too. It makes me wish I had taken it. 😉

  6. what a lovely family. i love all the photos, but i think my favorite is with the girls lying on the grass with their feet showing. lol

    it reminds me the most of being that age. cloud gazing. green grass lounging. bare feet wiggling.


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