Happy Birthday Jacob!!

Happy Birthday 1 Year Old!
This year has been a blur.
I still remember those tiny feet
When you were so barely born.

You slept so sweetly in my arms

Eyelashes soft against your cheeks

So fresh and new

How could anything be more perfect?

Our world shaken

We wondered how long your stay would be

You are a fighter, my hero

A miracle.

Home again

So safe, so sound

Joyous rapture

Love complete.

My how you have grown

Fingerprints creep upon the walls

Your smiles forever

Chiseled upon my heart.

Happy Birthday 1 year old!



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8 responses to “Happy Birthday Jacob!!

  1. Happy Birthday Jacob. Its been a long tough year, heres praying that the rest go by as quickly and happily.

    I enjoyed your poem too.

  2. Happy First Birthday, Jacob.
    It sounds like the year started rough but finished pretty strong.
    Let’s hope they just keep getting better.
    Best Wishes-Michael & Family

  3. I loved this post! Thanks for sharing it Julia!

  4. So precious. Here’s for a less eventful second year!

  5. What an exciting year!!! May God continue to bless Jacob with improved health and a happy healthy heart! What a miracle and blessing. Keep beating the odds Jacob!

  6. happy birthday jacob (a little late)…

    what a precious baby boy. he really is julia.

  7. Happy belated birthday to Jacob.

    What a wonderful post: poem and pictures to catch the essence of a year gone by.

    Hopes and prayers the years get easier on Jacob and his whole family.

  8. beautiful post! The years go by so fast don’t they?

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