How Hard Can It Be?

My parents are coming home fromt he Philippines on Tuesday. They have been serving a mission for the the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for two years. I am so very excited to see them and introduce them to Jacob, whom they have never met, and show off how much the kids have grown. In an effort to be ready when they get home I have been trying to clean up and keep up with the house. There is only one problem: everyone has taken it upon themselves to get sick . . . again . . . poor kids. There is some nasty stuff going around, cough, soar throat, congestion, fever and vomitting in some cases.

Trying to clean with sick kids? Now, that is a challenge. Yesterday went as follows.

Dorothy was finally well enough to go to Kindergarten, Elizabeth was sick enough to stay home again. Our next door neighbor was kind enough to come and watch Em and Liz so I could take Dot to school and let Jacob sleep. When I got back I went to get Jacob and saw that the poor little guy had thrown up in his bed. So into the tub he went. He got all squeeky clean and then I plopped him down for breakfast. The problem was that I had no idea when he threw up and what the conditions were. He had had a bad cough and I thought he could have coughed so hard he vomitted. So, the only way to really know was to feed him. So I fed him, he ate like a champion and seemed fine.

I plopped him down to play in the family room and proceeded to yak on the phone while I cleaned pet cages, brushed and washed the dog, organized this, cleaned that. Finally I was just about down when I walked into the family room.

Jacob had thrown up again. All over the floor. I sighed. But, that was not all, oh no. He, being a baby, had started crawling around afterwards. There was vomit on the blanket, vomit on the pillows. I gathered up the blankets and last of all the little area rug where a good portion of it lay and started in across the kitchen floor to the laundery room. You think that would be enough. How much harder do we need to make cleaning the house after all?

But no, fate was against me and as I walked a corner of the rug flipped spraying vomit across the kitchen floor. Oh, my, how vomit can fly!



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7 responses to “How Hard Can It Be?

  1. I feel your pain. And I’ll bet you will be glad to have Mom home to help you through these seiges–and she will probably be happy to be able to. Good luck, hope everyone gets well real soon.

  2. Oh I feel for you. I really do. Doing anything when there are people vomiting in the house is impossible. Especially little ones because they don’t know how to tell you its coming, its as much a surprise for them as it is for you. I feel like I’m constantly doing laundry when theres vomiting going around.

    I pictured the spraying of the kitchen as well. I’m sorry, really I am. 🙂

  3. “Oh, my, how vomit can fly. *sigh*”

    Honestly, I understand how wearying it all is, but when I got to that line at the end, I still felt like laughing at what seemed like a silly rhyme.

    How are you supposed to get anything done with serial vomiting going on? (Or cereal vomiting, for that matter.)

    I admire you for being able to keep your spirits up through it all.

  4. Karen, I’m glad you caught the rhyme and laughed. I couldn’t resist putting it in, especially because at that point my day had been so terrible it was truly comical and the flying vomit just pushed me over the giggling edge, as it was either that or frustration, giggling was much better in this situation. hee hee

    Thanks all for your sympathy. 🙂 The vomitting has stopped at least and everyone is better, though Jacob is still in the fever stage and is running at 102 it should be coming down to normal by tomorrow or the next day.

  5. You do sound like an author of children’s books–what a great title! “Oh, My, How Vomit Can Fly” as well, of course, as a tag end. I should have commented on it–and your upbeat attitude, but I guess I was feeling a little beat myself as I read it. Your blog is always so uplifting–even discussing vomit!

  6. I’ll bet your mom will be so happy to see you and the kids after so long that she won’t even notice if the house is a mess! One of those “been there, done that” situations!

    (I’ll bet one time when you were a little kid puking all over the house your mom said the infamous words “I hope you have a kid just like this someday. In fact, I hope you have two…or three…”) 😉

  7. … and then there is the gap between mothers and non-mothers.

    mothers can talk about flying vomit without missing a beat.

    non-mothers …



    hope the kiddies have rebounded.

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