I can hardly contain my excitement, my parents come home tomorrow!! My sister Lisa and her family (6 kids) came up from Colorado to surprise them, arriving on Saturday, which explains my lack of writing. Writing with four kids is hard, but with 10 kids bashing about, well . . .

Last night my brother and his family (2 kids, which made a total of 12 kids ages 14 and under last night) were over and we got to jammin’. Anytime you get a group of my relative together it is impossible to leave the music alone. We had a little mini band going. I was on the horn, my hubby was on the euphonium (baritone), my brother-in-law was on the trumpet, my nephew on the horn, niece on flute, another niece on viola, my brother wishing he had brought his clarinet with him, and my sister on the piano. Then all the little kids were playing with the rhythm instruments. What a hoot! Then, we traded instruments out and I switched to the piano, my sister switched to the accordion, by brother-in-law picked up the guitar, my hubby grabbed the spoons, my niece continued to fiddle, and we continued on with old time polkas and folk songs singing away. It was one of the funnest evenings. 🙂 Hours of music making, that’s all this family needs to be merry!

We had an idea to take our band (the first mentioned arrangement of instruments) and get permission to play at the airport when we saw them coming through the check point. We never thought they would say yes so we called. Well, looks like the band will be called out to greet them. We have signs made up and my girls having been talking about nothing else non-stop. I may not write a lot in the next few days, but I’ll try to pop on to give a band update, etc.


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7 responses to “Jammin’

  1. Sounds like so much fun… and what a great way to welcome your parents home! They will LOVE it!!!

  2. I hope i encounter the scene of a joyous ruckus at an airport in the future. It is not often enough that we encounter such things motivated by such pure intentions. Good show.

  3. Oh man, that is so cool. I can’t believe they’re letting you play. I mean, wow! What a great reception to come home to!

  4. That’s so cool!

    (What mission did they serve, btw? My brother is in Olongapo right now.)

  5. That is just too cool! I always wanted my family to do stuff like that! Your folks will undoubtedly be thrilled with such a welcome home!

  6. So great that you’ve got such a musical family. Sounds a lot like the Christmases I remember from growing up. My cousins would come over and we’d end up spending hours making music…piano, flute, trumpet, tuba, saxaphone, guitar, and of course those beloved spoons! Wonderful memories for you to cherish.

  7. That is so awesome that they gave you permission to play at the airport. Your parents must have been so excited 1. to see all the family they weren’t expecting to be there, and 2. A BAND welcoming them home. How cool!

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