Daily Archives: March 31, 2006


A breeze gently rustles the too long blades of grass, as ripples in a pond, and the daffodils bob their heads in agreement that spring has finally come. The poplars are not yet filled with leaves but I can see the tiny green buds of life forming on the snowball tree, and the yellow chain tree is beginning to awake. It is a beautiful day, I sit here on our deck enjoying the warm spring sunshine; the aroma of spring enfolds me. The intoxicating perfume of hundreds of daffodils mingle with the fresh scent of mud and last night’s rain. The tang of fresh cut grass is in the air as a neighborhood lawnmower adds to the ambiance. The birds lend their music flitting from place to place scavengering for twigs and yarn to build their nests and fashion a comfortable home. I sit and enjoy a symphony of nature wishing that modern sounds could fade away or that I could be transported this minute to the top of a mountain surrounded by wildflowers and nothing but the birds for company. I know I would miss the sounds of the children though. I can hear them calling to each other playing at games of tag and Robin Hood. Giggles and peals of delighted laughter fuse with the birds’ song and one believes they could almost be talking with each other.

I love the daffodils in my father’s yard. I never knew there to be so many varieties, brilliant yellow, pale yellow with bright yellow centers, white, white with orange centers, yellow with orange centers, miniatures, grandiose, and my favorite. They look like a lion’s mane, the petals twisted and ruffled in a wild untamed style. They seem to defy what a proper daffodil should be. Perhaps this is why I like them so; I should laugh should anyone ever attempt to classify me as “proper,” wacky maybe, but never “proper”.

There is something invigorating about the spring. Maybe the renewal of life instills a sense of promise and renewal in our own lives. I think I shall just sit and enjoy it a while. After all, we hardly take time to “stop and smell the roses” any more. Today will be my day to enjoy what God has given me.


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