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Dot in a Spot in Front of a Pot

When it comes to colds and cough drops nothing can do the job like Ricola. They soothe the toughest sore throats and quiet bad coughs. For those of you unfamiliar with Ricola, they are an herbal cough drop, the active ingredient being menthol, with a combination of herbs used to soothe the throat, etc.

Paul recently bought a Costco sized box containing six packages in total. We put them in our bathroom knowing that our children had enough sense to stay out of them. The only problem was that we didn’t count on Dorothy. You would think I’d expect it by now, but I do try to give her the benefit of the doubt and strive to trust her. Paul walked into the bathroom this evening to find two empty Ricola packages. Upon questioning the children, Dorothy confessed she had eaten two entire packages! We grilled her.

“Did any one else eat any?”
“Where are the wrappers?”
“In the garbage.”
“Show me.” She promptly showed me the scads of empty wrappers skillfully hidden below the plastic diaper packaging.
“When did you eat them? Did you eat them all today?”
“I ate one package yesterday and one today.”
“Does your tummy feel sick?”
“Time out, put your nose against the wall until I figure out what to do.”
I think that was one of the first times she ever silently went to timeout, not an ounce of complaint was uttered.

Thank goodness for moms and that mine is back, I called her for advice. This time the gems of wisdom came from my father.

“Give her ipecac and make her throw up,” he suggested. “She will probably never do it again.”

I read the Ricola package double checking there wasn’t anything life threatening and read the ipecac directions. Then I talked to Dorothy explaining to her that because she ate something that could make her very sick we had to give her ipecac to make her throw up.

She went nuts; crying “I don’t want to throw up! I don’t want to throw up!”

We finally got her to calm down enough to force the ipecac down her throat, and some water following it, then set her down by the toilet to wait. She was miserable but finally did the job. Hopefully she has finally learned her lesson. I am just glad it was herbal cough drops and nothing worse. *sigh* I’m surprised she hasn’t turned me grey yet! The good news is that maybe she’ll bypass the nasty cold going around. Heh.


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