Mischief Managed

I kicked back in my chair after a long day, thankful for the opportunity to relax. I pulled out the lap top and began to mull over various topics that I could write about. I was enjoying the peace and quiet at the end of the day with all the kids in bed when my husband called to me,

“Were you doing something with your nail polish remover? ‘Cause it reeks in here!”

“Ummm, no.”

I knew there was trouble. I sighed and put my computer away, wistfully dreaming of those quiet moments writing away, and hauled myself to the back of the house. As I approached the kid’s bedroom I heard Paul, “Now, which one of you got into mommy’s make-up?”

I was too beat and defeated to be mad; I just wandered into the bathroom and took stock of the state of my make-up drawer. It wasn’t as bad as I had expected. The lid was off one nail polish and it was spilled over a lot of stuff, and half of my foundation was spilled as well. I dumped all the affected items in the sink and began to sort them out and clean them up. I ran out of polish remover though, so I have to finish later.

No one was fessing up so Paul called everyone into the bathroom where I was cleaning and a troop of three sleepy-eyed girls staggered in. Elizabeth was cleared right away and it was left to Dorothy or Emily. We knew it wasn’t Dorothy when she started proclaiming, “I promise, I promise, it wasn’t me this time!” And Emily finally admitted it was her. She was already crying so hard we didn’t punish her anymore and I think she learned her lesson.

The only things that were really ruined were the make-up brushes. So, it wasn’t so bad. But now I’m wondering, they say things come in threes . . .

. . . so, what’s next??



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9 responses to “Mischief Managed

  1. Waiting for the next shoe to drop will not work. It will come when you least expect it and in a way you never can foresee. I like to keep nail polish remover on hand even tho I have never and will never paint my nails–works graet on aint and other materials, too.
    Have fun, and hope you gt to the peace point again soon!

  2. You write so well, Julia. Your stories are always so enjoyable to read! I was laughing at the end…hopefully things don’t run in threes:).

  3. Oh yeah. I wouldn’t bother waiting if I were you. That will only prolong it.

    I usually think of boys as being the mischievous ones, but it just goes to show, girls can be just as much “trouble.”

    Good luck!

  4. IT sounds like its a different kind of “trouble” with girls than with boys. I wouldn’t sit around waiting for the next event either. Like Allrie and Karen said that might take awhile and why prolong the agony.

    Only one person has gotten into my makeup. And that wasn’t a person. It was my dog while we were living in phoenix. He chewed up my lipstick pencil and my mascara all over the carpeted floor.

  5. Not waiting, just curious, heh. I once had a friend tell me before Jacob was born, “With girls like yours, you don’t need boys!!” I was laughing at the end of it too. Nope, I don’t wait around for trouble, I just keep a wary eye out for it . . (those long quiet moments, they’re what you’ve really got to look out for, heh)

  6. Julia, are you sure that the make up brushes were ruined? There are great ways to clean them! if they were expensive ones, I could give you some tips…

    your girls sound so much like mine it isn’t funny… yesterday L sprayed the dog with 409… he was dripping wet, and I was out of cleaner… to the bath with you Copper!

  7. Yes, the brushes, the were coated with fingernail polish (already dried), not just the outer but the inner bristles too. I think she was using them as paintbrushes, lol! 🙂 Oh yes, 409 . . .(at least it was just the dog and not . . .hey, maybe she was just trying to disinfect the dog breath! lol) No place is “out of reach” when it comes to my kids. And then there is the time when Dot sprayed Emmy in the face with Pam. Yup. But she was fine. Never a dull moment around here. heh. 🙂

  8. so… since dot was immediately believed when she promised it wasn’t her, does that mean although she seems to be the master of mischeif, she’s also painfully honest?

    that’s how my mom described me. “paula would look so sweet, and promise to do something, or not do something, and then she’d do the exact opposite. you, cara, said you were going to do something when told not to, and DID!”

    apparently, honesty is the mischevious child’s saving grace. 😉 hehe

  9. Dot is usually very obvious in her lies, you can see it on her face and in her eyes. This was the first time she was absolutely sincere in her pleading, the words still echo in her little voice, “I promise, I promise it wasn’t me daddy, I promise.” Over and over again. It wasn’t immediate, unfortunately it took quite a lot of convincing on her part. I wish I could trust her more . . .

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