Pixie? or Puck . . .

What a gorgeous day! Spring has sprung, it was warm, sunny and the air smelled of cut grass mingled with daffodils and tulips. I sent the kids outside to play and enjoy the fresh air. I just didn’t see the kid scissors that Dot smuggled outside with her. She proceeded to chop off all of Emmy’s hair (all those curls I adored!) and hacked away at her own:

I’m afraid I was just a tad bit upset. Heh, more like a screaming, raving, lunatic. LOL! The kicker is that we have pictures scheduled with my photographer friend next month. 🙂 Thank goodness for hairdressing friends. 🙂 She came and fixed it all up for me. End result: (sorry the lighting isn’t the best, we had to use the video camera)


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12 responses to “Pixie? or Puck . . .

  1. The final results are adorable! My oldest cut off her own bangs. All but about an inch in a spot. Nice. Took forever to grow back. One of the others also felt the need to restyle her bangs. I kept the scissors better hidden after that. (including the kid ones!)

  2. When I was about 6 I cut my waist length hair up to my chin… as my mom cried at the hair dresser’s house, her friend brought out her own daugher who was shaved bald. My mom didn’t feel so bad anymore 🙂

  3. The end results are cute, but if I was you, I’d still cry. Glad you have such talented friends!

    (And when you look back on those professional photos you can tell this great story!)

  4. I wouldn’t have been so mad, had this been the first time! This was the 4-5 time she’s done this and I keep the scissors well hidden, I just have a very resourceful child. *sigh* Em had to have her hair shaved partly up the back as dorothy cut it so close to her head (you can still see Dot’s mark if you know where to look because it is till shorter (up to the scalp!).
    I am very greatful they aren’t bald and that Elizabeth escaped. And the end results are very cute, I just miss those bouncy little curls soooo much! 🙂

  5. I had bouncy curls that I cut off when I was a child, my mom still talks about that! I think you must have a future stylist on your hands!!! Glad it was fixable and the pixie cut is too cute!

  6. I’m so sorry about the self hair cuts, but they turned out cute in the end. We just had a similar result here too. I had just given “W” a haircut. Used the clippers, everything was perfect. No mistakes this time. YAY! Later that day he went into the bathroom and found the regular scissors. He layed the blades on his head and started cutting. He now has a #7 cut into his hair. Because his hair is so blonde I can’t cut it shorter to help fix it. He’d look bald, so we’re just letting it grow out a bit. I’m just glad “Sy” was sleeping. Who knows what he might have done to her hair if given the chance!

  7. Hair grows so fast. It’ll be long again in no time. I can certainly understand how you would be upset about it. I would in your place too!

  8. Isn’t it always right around the corner from an important event that kids do things like this! They sure look cute though:). It puts a smile on my face to think that someday my kids will be old enough to think of doing anything similar.

  9. I sent an email to an address of yours that I have, but I’m not sure if it’s one you check often. Just thought I’d give you a head’s up.

  10. Perhaps it was her way of saying..”Hey, Mom, it’s time for a make-over!”…whatever the resoning in a small child’s mind…the ebd results are adorable, your photo session will be just great I’m sure!

  11. Hey look at it this way…at least they did not use pinking shear scissors. I adore how the younge rone is smiling even in the “before” shot but your older daughter looks so solomn.

  12. i know she’s a tremendous handful, but i’m liking dot more and more everyday.

    and the haircuts turned out so cute!

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