Weekly Anamnesis #19

I loved to draw as child, though much of my drawing was simply a copy of already existing cartoon characters. I was confined to what I could see with little creativity to add. I could not figure out how to take the same character and orchestrate their bodies into a different pose, which caused much frustration to my young mind. My father is a spectacular artist through natural talent and ability and really never had any classes on art, somehow I just missed that particular boat (along with singing).

I decided to take an art class in high school, hoping for some guiding hand to show me the way. My teacher, unfortunately, was mediocre at best and we were confined to drawing and rather middle school level at that. I do remember one illustration I did. We had to find a house in a magazine and draw it in ink. I called mine “Haunted” as it was mostly black with a rather eerie air about it. It is not fantastic or perfect or incredible. In fact I hated it, though my parents argued vehemently that it was quite good. But they are parents, and prone to love our creative endeavors. Some one must have liked it though. It ended up somehow in a highschool art show at a library 20 minutes away. That town’s newspaper put it in their article about the show. I had no idea until one day a letter showed up from a church member in my mailbox.

He had included a copy of the article and my illustration, with a hand written sticky note attached, “Great work!”

Maybe some day I will finally take that art class or have time to sit idly trying to draw, but not at present. I still have that newspaper somewhere, and maybe even the orginal. I didn’t keep them because they were great, but more because some cared enough (who wasn’t related or obligated in any way) to encourage me.


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3 responses to “Illustration

  1. you should post the picture. would like to see it!

  2. I like you could only draw what I could see. It was more of a copy cat than an artist. I took an Arts & Crafts class in high school. We got to dable a little in different mediums. It was a lot of fun, but my table partner really WAS an artist. Compared to him everything I did was mediocre. I did enjoy the class but I found frustration in the same things you did. I wish I could have found the creativity in me to expand my art to what was in my head.

  3. I really admire people who, after they’ve completed their formal education, have a list of classes they can’t wait to take. There’s so much in this wonderful world for us to learn and it makes me sad when we shun learning for whatever reason.

    I think it a sign of genius to be humble enough to stay on the path of knowledge.

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