It has reached that point where things are busy and chaotic and your mind goes blank the minute you sit down at the computer. Drool drips onto the keyboard as your mouth hangs open in a prolonged, “duuuuuhhhh.” If your lucky the keyboard might shortcircuit and friends will be spared your pointless ramblings, but I guess you guys aren’t lucky because my keyboard is working just fine. heh 🙂 There are a few random snippets of events however that I can pull out of my grab-bag of ruminations and share:

Paul started a new job on Monday. Woot! Did I forget to mention he was looking for the something bigger something better variety? Sorry, if I did. He has been looking for quite sometime and this dropped out of the blue sky into his lap. He was asked to interview a few weeks ago and they like him so well they didn’t interview anyone else. To top off the fact that it is exactly what he wants to be doing and a company he really wants to be with, it is a substantial raise and (woohoo for me!) 20 minutes (at least) closer to home! 🙂 His old company is very sad to loose him and Paul found out that they had put him up for employee of the month for May, but had to change it because he quit. But Paul was still surprised and honored at the thought. We are very excited at the possibilities this new job will bring. 🙂

I met with Early Intervention a week or so ago about Jacob and after evaluating him they found him only behind in one area (speach) and at that, just barely. So another shout of joy that Jacob is right on track and does not need to be entered into early intervention, though they will follow up in 6 months to be sure he is progressing properly. Jacob just continues to defy the odds and surprise the doctors. My little miracle man. He had his hearing retested last week and passed with flying colors. The only thing I have to keep an eye on now are his ear infections, and hope they don’t continue chronic but that he outgrows them, and we will be able to really tell over the summer months what is happening there.

I finally organized my team to walk in the American Heart Association Heartwalk on May 20. Nothing like last minute, I know. If you want to check out my page please do so and if you feel you can support the cause, that is always welcomed and great! 🙂 So far the team consists of my hubby and myself, but hey, we have to start somewhere and we’ll drag all the kids along with us, so it should really be a fun occasion and we hope to be able to contribute something and make a least a small difference and contribution.

Dorothy’s birthday is Saturday and I am experiencing scheduling headaches over when to have her party, nothing seems to be working out right, *sigh* I think I will just be relieved to have all birthday festivities out of the way, at least until July. I feel bad for parents with mulitple birthdays in one month, three months in a row is bad enough! 🙂

Well, my drool has started again and I have reached another point of the, “duuhhh” remark afore mentioned so I shall go wash more laundry before my computer quits working or just floats away . . . . 🙂

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