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Hamilton Mt. Columbia River Gorge, Washington



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34 responses to “Open

  1. Pat

    What a great photo! Did you take it?

  2. yes, I took it. I had to lay on my belly partially over the edge of the cliff. I freaked my dad out at the time – he’s scared of heights.

  3. Wow! You’ve got guts… nice shot!

  4. That is a great view… looks similar to another I saw today – where it appears one was stuck between two walls 🙂

  5. cool shot!! I’d be too chicken to even LOOK over the edge.

  6. This is a beautiful picture! I love it. Pretty sweet view you had.

    Great choice!

  7. Just absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing this!

    Thank you for stopping by my “open” picture. Yes, you are more than welcome to link to Jessica’s heart page. She is 9 1/2 years old now and doing well. She will need more surgeries when she outgrows “parts” and we are thankful how long she has gone.

    I will visit your pages as well. Loni

  8. That is beautiful. How lucky you are to have seen it in person.
    Thanks for dropping by mine.

  9. Chi

    Oh my…this is just awesome! What a wonderful open you chose. *s*

    Thanks for visiting mine today.

  10. I’ve never seen anything like that in real life. I bet it’s a sight!

  11. WOW! That’s an amazing photo! Just beautiful! Great choice! 🙂

  12. Awesome picture. Great wide open space between the rocks 🙂

  13. What a beautiful shot. Especially after you put that song in my head…”give me land, lots of land..” eek

  14. That’s an opening to the open space and air. Looking like it is on some heights yes!

  15. That is a awesome shot! I don’t think I could have taken it. I am afraid of heights. 😦

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  16. This photo makes me want to get out and go hike! Beautiful place =)

  17. Awwww, NOW that is a GREAT photo! I would LOVE to be seeing something like that. Have a great weekend!

  18. Ok, I read you took this photo by laying over the edge…..that made my knees go weak!! I’m scared to death of heights!!

    Great photo though!!! Happy Saturday!

  19. Oh my goodness! Have you been to Carmen’s today? If not you can find her on the blogroll! Her picture is — well… go see! LOL! Yours is AWESOME!

  20. Shoot — on the blogroll Carmen is “Gone to Plaid” … check it out!


  21. Wow! Why am I not surprised that you would go over the edge to take that shot? Great photo!

  22. Great photo. WIT huh?

    Thanks for stopping at my place. Pam

  23. That’s a great “open” picture. I had one of the Grand Canyon that I debated on posting; but, I went with the Open Range and cow. Great picture. Thanks for visiting.

  24. we are of similar minds this time. Cool pic.

  25. That’s an awesome shot – there have been a couple of wonderful scenic shots… Well done 🙂

  26. Great photo. I’d have been to scared to get that shot though…

  27. WoW! What a great photo! Amazing. 🙂

    My pics are up now too.

  28. Great shot! Thanks for stopping by!

  29. I love that shot. It reminds me that even through a small opening if you look at something a certain way you can see the vastness beyond. I also have just read Jacob’s story. You are a brave and corageous mom and he is one heck of a little fighter.

  30. soo cool. I remember camping on the Oregon side of the gorge one summer – my son was into windsurfing.
    So beautiful there

  31. Oh my goodness….I’ve never been that far out west, but my dad lives out that way, and now I know why!!

    Beautiful pictures….and of your little luv too!

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