Happy Birthday Dot!

Dorothy turned 6 yesterday, I did not have a chance to do her birthday tribute then, so I am doing it now . . .

Even at just a couple months old Dot had that mischeivious grin . . . :)(and lots of curly, curly hair)

I should have known even then, what a true little darling pea she was . . . 🙂

Eager to meet adventure head on . . .

And charm us all with your endearing smile . . .

Thoughtful and loving with that mischievious twinkle in your eye . . .

A little lady set to turn the world on its head . . .

a commet rocketing through time and space . . .

filling my heart with love forever . . .

my daring delicious darling Dot! Happy birthday! My life will always be full of adventure with you!!

(for the story on this picture read this: Desitin and Other Misadventures)



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4 responses to “Happy Birthday Dot!

  1. Happy Birthday to Dot! What a head of hair she had as a baby, wow!

  2. OMG, that pea suit is sooooo cute. LOL

    happy b-day dot!


    (oh weirdness. dotfjp is my verification word.)

  3. Oh wow, seeing her strapped to the closet was a way better picture than I had imagined. What’s wrong with my imagination? That’s twice this morning it’s failed me.

    Happy Birthday, Dot!

  4. Happy Birthday Dot. She really did have a lot of curly hair. I’m so jealous!

    The picture of her strapped to the closet door is too funny. Once I remembered the story I just couldn’t help but giggle.

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