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Filed under Children, Dot, Em, Lizy, Photography

32 responses to “Celebration

  1. mar

    Awww, wonderful celebration of the cutest clowns! My pic is up 🙂
    here! Happy saturday!

  2. Very beautiful smiles & colorful costumes.

    My photo is up too!

  3. absolutely adorable. 🙂

  4. ahhhhhhhhhh, this is just too precious!! Fabulous.

    My S P H is up

  5. Pat

    Ohhh…how absolutely adorable!! 🙂

  6. Chi

    How adorable! I just had to smile when I saw your SPH.

  7. sooo cute–goofy for sure

  8. awww…festive indeed! mine’s up too! 😉

  9. Could they be any cuter?

  10. Oh, they are so adorable in those costumes!

  11. SOoo cute! I love it. My kids were clowns last year Photos of them if you wish to look.

    My celebration pic if up.

  12. Clowns! Very nice celebration…

  13. Don’t kids just look adorable when they’re dressed up. Great pic, thnx for sharing 🙂

  14. 3 clowns celebrating, how fun isn’t that??? *lol*

  15. eeeeeeeeeee!!! Can’t sleep, clowns’ll eat me!!!

    Thanks for visiting!

  16. Awww… what adorable little celebrants! Sooooo cute!

  17. Ok I usually don’t like clowns, but these three are pretty adorable!! 😉

    Great photo, mine is up!

  18. Oh my gosh…are they too cute, or what?? Great picture….it makes me smile just looking at it! =o)

  19. Awwww…..look at the little clowns! I love this picture!

    It’s perfect for todays theme.

  20. Adorable celebrating clowns!

    Thanks for stopping by my pic!

  21. that is too stinking cute!

  22. Awww! Those are the cutest clowns ever! Just adorable! Great photo!
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  23. Oh my goodness – how cute :).

  24. An adorable picture!
    Good choice!
    My Saturday Photo Hunt is up!

  25. Deb

    Your babies are adorable!

    BTW, I’m a root beer jelly bean.

  26. That’s an awesome photo!

  27. that picture is so adorable. I love clowns!!! I have a huge collection butthose three have to be the cutest ones I have ever seen 🙂

  28. Thanks for stopping by to see my photo! Your picture is adorable, love clowns! TTFN~Pamela Lynn

  29. Those are cute little clowns you have there.

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