“Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”

I attended my little writing group last night and the topic of the evening was Fear. Yup, Fear with a capitol “F”. Fear of writing, fear of spiders, fear of anything. Though of course being a writing class it was mainly focused around the penmenship fear. We have an assignment, and I will do it eventually but in pursuing the assignment, my mind has been consumed with Fear. Not being afraid mind you, thinking about fear. My fears, their fears, just different kinds of fear.

I have come to the realization that the reason why I like to blog so much is that I get to hide behind my computer. I can’t see you, you can’t see me. I don’t have to face you after something I have written is read and watch the shuffle of toes while you try to find a way to tactfully tell me it was terrible and try to hide my dissapointment. Or I don’t have to try to hide my pleasure and surprise if you genuinely love it and think it is the best thing ever since sliced strawberry pie, because I wouldn’t want to seem arrogant or egotistical. My heart still pounds though every time I hit that “publish post” button and I silently curse myself for subjecting my blog friends to further torture, and it pounds when I read the comments, no matter if it is loved or hated. But if I had to be in the same room as you read it or I read it to you my heart would likely beat itself out of my body in a frenzy waiting for the starving wolves to pounce.

Logically I know that you, my friends, and my family are not starving wolves. But convincing my heart of that is an entirely different matter. I still don’t know if I will hit the publish button on this post or not. Because this would be displaying not just to strangers how I quake in the recesses of my mind, but to my acquaintances and friends. I don’t know why it is so hard to showcase one’s fears and imperfections. Maybe it is a fear of falling from grace. Launching one’s self off a pedestal with such fervor it leaves a crator in the floor below. That fear is tangible, real, I can almost taste it. That feeling of one wrong move and the world could crash around me in a pile of rubble up to my ears. I know it(most likely) won’t happen, but the fear (of the possiblilty) is there.

But, nothing is ever learned and accomplished unless you push that button, read that poem, write that book. So, I adopt the quote shared with us last night:

“Feel the fear and do it anyway.” – Susan Jeffers, PhD


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12 responses to ““Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”

  1. Deb

    I too feel more secure behind my computer screen. I loved the comment about the wolves. LOL. Usually I see the publishers as wolves, or Carbon copies of Simon Cowell from American Idol. LOL.

    I have another fear too; the fear of rejection, as in writing. As a writer yourself, you know each MS is your precious baby, when a publisher tells you its just not what they’re looking for. . .well. . .then it’s time to hit the chocolate.

    I’m rambling now. You’re a great writer, and I thoroughly enjoy reading what you write.

  2. Thanks Deb, I have dreams of getting published some day, but I still lack the courage to pursue them, in fact I am still amazed at the fact that some people actually want to read what I write. heh. That rejection fear is big for me (a main reason I’ve not yet tried). I try to remind myself, what is there to loose if you try? but it’s not working to well yet. heh. someday, I’ll muster up the rest of my courage and do it. 🙂

  3. We have an entire binder full of rejection letters… We called it “the road to writing success”. When that beautiful acceptance letter came in the mail, we almost fainted. Just remember that you will have to submit over and over not caring what the world thinks of it if you are ever to be published. I understand the fear, but sometimes you have to ignore it to get ahead… you can do it!

  4. Great post!

    (Sometimes, for me, commenting is an even bigger fear than posting.)

  5. Great post GoofyJ. I think we all know that fear, whether it be writing a full fledged novel, a poem, or just a post on our own blog, or even a comment on someone else’s like Karen mentioned. We all fear the reaction of the person reading it, whether it be good or bad.

    I would say practice makes perfect but that’s not true. Maybe practice makes it easier?

    Here’s a quote “You are a loser only when you fail to try.” Not that you’re a loser in ANY respect!

  6. Deb

    Another point. . .Dr. Seuss was rejected over 60 times before he was published; he almost gave up.

  7. this is a great post. my fear is success then failure. i know that’s silly but… if you succeed once, it’s expected of you from that point forward. (i’m talking specific situations, not life in general)…

    fear is raef spelled backwards.

    yeah, i know. it means nothing. lol

  8. A post most can relate to–whether or not you are writing to be a great writer, or just to chit-chat with ‘friends’. When you speak your opinion on anything–it is gone with the wind, but once it is recorded on paper, or computer screen, it can be more easily harshly judged.

    AM says it all about the rejection letters. I think we all need to borrow FF’s ‘box’ or get one of our own for these kinds of fears.

    [and my word is ‘flopf’ is it refferring to my writing skills???]

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  10. Julia, your blog is among the blogs I most look forward to reading! You write soooo well; I don’t even try to compare. I’m so glad you muster the courage every time you post. Keep up the great work, you’ve got quite a gift!:)

  11. I LOVE this post! Where do you go for your writing group (is it a church group or a school class?)? I would love to be in a group like that!

  12. AM-Thanks for the encouragement, I should set a date for myself that I have to do it by then or something. 🙂
    Karen – I know what you mean, posting makes me tremble too, especially when someone brilliant has posted before me. 🙂

    ABQ- You calling me a looser? 😉 JK. Thanks for the quote. One of the reasons I decided to post this post was because it is a common feeling that not a lot of people talk about, and I thought it would be good for me and everyone else to share the reality that most people do feel the fear. 🙂

    Deb – I had no idea about Dr. Seuss, you would never imagine would you? and just think, if he had given up . . .
    FF- I totally know that fear and I have though about it. What if I do really well, and then dive bomb off my pedastal (that people put me on, I hate pedestals personally) after. heh. 🙂

    Allrie – thanks for understanding, and no “flopf” does not refer to your writing skills. 🙂

    Karen C- thanks for stopping by, I swing by your site from time to time and appreciate all it has to offer.

    Christine – thanks for the encouragement! 🙂

    Feather Sky – I am glad you liked it. 🙂 It is a church group, though of course anyone could join it. Bummer, you are so far away, we’d love to have you! 🙂

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