While I Was Walking

I was out storming the streets yesterday morning with my little red and yellow cart carrying Emmy and J-kabob, waving happily to passerbies and bouncing to the beat of my MP3 player strapped to my arm. (you would laugh if I told you what I walk to, heh) Thursdays Emmy has play group and I usually end up dropping her off while on my walk. Yesterday was no different, I deposited her safely at her destination but, as I began to walk away, something caught my eye.

It wasn’t really all that peculiar, just something that I don’t notice every day. The grass was rather tall, not too tall, just barely reaching that point of needing to haul out the lawn mower. Laying in the grass was gray cat, and upon observation I realized that this was not a leisurely nap in the shade. In fact, the cat was crouched down, ears pointed and alert, motionless. I could almost see its muscles tensed and ready for the pounce. “What is it eyeballing so readily,” I wondered, and followed its gaze to the nearby tree.

There was a squirrel climbing down the tree; very hesitantly. It knew the cat was watching; it knew it was being hunted. He cautiosly reached the ground and for a moment remained motionless, tail high in the air. Flick, Flick. Flick Flick. He whipped his tail forward over his head, eyes on the cat. He wanted to see what Mr. Cat would do. Would he pounce? Cats are very patient creatures and the cat simply remained, watching all the while. With great caution the squirel ventured out away from the tree, but never far enough that he wouldn’t be able to zip up to safety. He was only on the ground for a minute before he scurried back up the tree onto a branch. It was quite clear Mr. Cat was making him nervous. He turned on the branch and looked at the cat. If it were possible to read the expressions of a squirrel’s face I am sure it would be furrowed in thought, “How can I get rid of this beast?”

Then I witnessed the strangest thing I have ever seen a squirrel do. It began to bark. I’m not kidding, the squirrel was barking at the cat! It was similar to a very small dog and was not very loud, but it was actually barking! I knew that squirrels chirped, but I never heard of a barking squirrel before. I knew exactly what that squirrel must have been thinking, “hey, I bet if I bark like a dog I can scare that cat off!” It was too funny, a Looney Toon cartoon come to life.

I’ll never know if the cat gave up or if the squirrel met a sorrowful demise, I had to continue on my walk . . .


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5 responses to “While I Was Walking

  1. Deb

    Okay. . .I’m dying of curiosity. What DO you listen to while you walk. I listen to Paula Abdul while I walk; it has a great beat for fast walking.

    Great story about the squirrel. Hope it survived.

  2. Ok, I’ll tell ya. i don’t really listen for the beat or speed, I keep up my tempo of walking regardless (you can only go so fast pushing 60 pounds of weight regardless of the music heh). I have a batch of stuff on my little player, my favorite? well, it’s John Williams. Yup, that’s right orchestral movie music. So I walk to ‘Superman’! I also (don’t know if I should admit this) really enjoy yodeling and polka and I have a favorite artist that comes yearly to the Oktoberfest in Mt. Angel so I listen to him, and Josh Grobin (not fast but there is just something about listening to that amazing voice in the fresh morning air as your walking you heart out) and an accapella group called “The Trench Coats” now known as simply “The Coats”. Oh, there’s also the Canadian Brass playing jazz on there and I’m adding Harry Belefonte and The Gypsy Kings to my eclectic mix.

    Now see? I told ya you’d laugh! 🙂

  3. That totally sounded like a cartoon you were describing. How funny. I’ve heard a few squirrals bark. At my grandpa’s house in kennewick. He has a big walnut tree in his backyard. The squirrals would “bark” at the dogs or us kids when they really wanted a couple of walnuts from the ground. 🙂

  4. Heehee, squirrels are so cute. Hunting cats are not. Well, when they’re not yours, that is.

  5. i love the squirrelyness of this post, but i think what most made my day is that you dig yodeling and polka.

    you really are something else. this is not a bad thing. it’s awesome.

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