Random Friday

I don’t know if I have written about this yet, but I am just so excited that I have to brag a bit. Jacob is WALKING!!! WOOT! I am so stoked! He is still rather unsteady and unsure of himself but he will walk out into the middle of the family room floor now – a good 10+ steps. This is such a big deal because, as you know from previous posts, his doctors have been concerned about development. So we get to check off another milestone met in the “alotted time period.” If I was still my cute young skinny self I would leap in the air and do one of my famous heel clicks! Yes, I can’t walk down a street without falling on my face for no reason, but I can click my heels together in mid air. It’s a cruel, cruel world.


I get to start walking again next week! After having given myself a mandatory week off (issued by my hubby and parents) I am excited by the prospect of hitting the streets come Monday. Oh, and my feet are feeling much better, thank you. 🙂

My jeans are getting threadbare and I am at risk of throughouly embarrassing myself in public ( I know I should be used to it by now, heh) and scaring a great many people. heh 🙂 So I got myself a new pare of jeans today. Usually I find jeans are like shoes. You have to were them a while and break them in before they get comfy. These are the comfiest jeans I have worn by far! A comfy pair of jeans to wear in life are mandatory to happiness. 🙂


I get to go to my first EVER baseball game tonight! Paul got free tickets to a local game at PGE park in Portland from work. I am very excited, we even get free food! (I think that it the best part, heh) The only time we ever make to sports events is when we end up with free tickets. So all you baseball fans please don’t shoot me . . . it always looks rather boring on TV, I hope it is more exciting in person. heh 🙂 It’ll be fun, none-the-less. 🙂


My girls were decorating sugar cookies yesterday. I slipped out of the room for a few minutes. BIG mistake. I had given each girl 3 cookies (just Dot and Lizard, Emmy had done hers that morning with her playgroup) and the supplies to do their thing. When I walked into the kitchen I was greeted with empty bottles of sprinkles and sugar crystals! Their cookies looked like “The Big Rock Candy Mountain!” Cute, but now I have to buy new sprinkles . . .


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10 responses to “Random Friday

  1. Hooray for Jacob! That is so wonderful.:)

    Glad your feet are feeling better.

    I remember decorating cookies as a child at camp. I would try to load the icing, sprinkles, etc. as high as I possibly could. When you mentioned your girls decorating fiasco it put a huge smile on my face. Fun times!

    Oh, and I completely agree about baseball. Although, it’s not such a serious thing for a Canadian to not love the game… now if it were hockey it would be a whole different ball game:) Couldn’t resist the pun!

  2. i’d rather have my finger nails pulled out one by one than watch baseball on t.v., but live… it’s awesome. especially if there are hotdog races, but that’s more along the lines of professional. heh.

    glad your feet are cooperating, and you can hit the road again soon.

    way to go Jacob, also. he’s a rockstar.

  3. First of all… YAY JACOB!! He so rocks the house. Can he come teach Dallin a thing or two??

    Second of all… YAY FOR NEW JEANS!! It is soooo hard to find a pair of jeans that fit just right, look good, and are comfy to wear. But when you get it, it’s almost total bliss, you know?

  4. Good news about your son walking!

    I know what you mean about jeans. I love my old Levis. I’m also happy with my new “new” jeans with stretch material…..what will they think of next?

  5. Good job Jacob!!!

    Where did you get the jeans? I have the worst time finding a good pair but recently picked up a nice pair at Old Navy.

  6. YAY JACOB! I believe that calls for a WOOT!

    I’m with you on the baseball thing, you will never catch me watching it on tv. And as a Canadian girl, it’s not exactly something I grew up expecting to love. (au contraire…) BUT, give me free tickets to a Dodgers game and I’m so there and loving it, sometimes I can even follow the game but if I don’t it doesn’t matter. I chat with my friends, play with Little Red, learn about America from my husband, and peoplewatch. You don’t have to love baseball to enjoy a live game. 🙂

  7. Yay for Jacob!
    That is such a huge thing for little ones to figure out how to do. He must be so proud of himself! 🙂

  8. Congrats to Jacob! That’s so great he started walking.

    Yay for being able to start walking again. I hated last summer when I got the blisters under my toenails and couldn’t walk.

    Yay for GOING to a baseball game. Ditto FF, watching on t.v. is the most boring thing ever. (every so often it CAN be enjoyable. Like when the D-backs won the world series!) But nothing beats watching a baseball game in person!

    Sorry about the sugar cookie diaster. I could totally picture the “Big Rock Candy Mountain” cookies though. Too funny!

  9. Oh and where did you get your jeans? My only two comfortable favorite jeans both have holes in the knees and are covered in paint. I could use some suggestions as to where to find some new ones!

  10. Finally some time to write, as long as Jacob doesn’t press too many buttons, heh. 🙂 Thye jeans – I actually got them at a store called Fred Meyers. I’m not a name brand person, and usually go with what is cheapest. I grabbed the jeans on sale at the time – They happened to be Lees. They are surprisingly comfy. Of course, it might just be the fact that my old ones were so worn out that anything would seem comfy now. 🙂 heh.

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