My First Baseball Game

The stadium was surprisingly empty considering we were only 20 minutes early. There was a light rain cascading down and we could see the colorful tops of a few umbrellas scattered here and there. The rain wasn’t really enough to warrant an umbrella, not for a true Oregonian anyway. We were in a suite, or a box, however you care to call them, they are essentially the same thing. The food was delicious, and there was a lot of it. We ate, talked and laughed waiting for the game to begin. It was supposed to start at five minutes after seven. The hour sailed by and before anyof us realized it, it was 5 to eight and still no game. Finally they came out and began to sweep the water off the base covers and prepare things for the game. The National Anthem was sung, and the game began.

We made it through 3 batters, two outs, one good hit, and one man on second. The fourth batter was up to bat when the heavens opened and it began to rain in earnest. We watched as the baseball teams ran for cover, the bases were hurriedly covered, and dozens of colors exploded throughout the stadium as umbrellas popped open. We waited for another hour, but the game was cancelled. We had been rained out.

It is rather funny. There has been a lot of talk about wanting to have a professional baseball team in Portland . . . hmmm.

So, my first baseball team was a huge exciting success! 🙂 lol. I mean, the workers (who covered and uncovered the bases and such, don’t know what they are rightfully called) and the mascott provided great entertainment running from base to base slip’n’slidin’ across the large plastic covers. It was quite a hoot. I think the National Anthem lasted longer than the game though. heh. 🙂


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9 responses to “My First Baseball Game

  1. Sounds like you were there for the most exciting part…. it’d be for me at least:). I love the national anthems!

  2. Deb

    Glad you had a great time. you deserve it. We did the “box thing” at a minor league game in New orleans; until then I wasn’t really interested in baseball.

  3. Well at least the food was good, that is all that matters any way.

  4. To be rained out of a game is very exciting. That doesn’t happen very often.

    We watched most of our sporting event games in Phoenix from the Suite. Hubby loved it because of the free food…

  5. I’ve never, ever, been near a suite. When we went to the Pistons game several years ago I got to walk along the same level as the suites, but that’s the closest I ever got. That sounds so cool!

  6. Well at least you got to see a bit of the game;-)

  7. As a general rule I don’t get into sports much, but a live baseball game at a big stadium is very exciting. I’m not even sure why.

  8. cheap seats, 7th inning stretche and beach balls. not to mention your first fowl ball caught by knocking someone else down. that’s the fun of baseball. hehe

  9. As all the family knows…I HATE baseball. And I’ve [unfortunately] been to several pro games.

    But when you are born in Chicago, you are a Cubs fan. Erica claims that I cried when they came so close to the pennant a few years ago [did not! but I was uncharacteristically sad…]

    So, enjoy your the game…and the food…and the whole atmosphere…

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