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This is the first photo that I have posted that I haven’t taken, but I couldn’t resist. Especially because my husband and I will be celebrating our 8th anniversary this coming week.

Oh, you’ll notice in the far right corner a little boy headed our way. That is my nephew, he decided it would be fun to go wading in the reflection pool. He was finally noticed as he perched upon a step beside us. Luckily we caught him before he got more than his feet wet! 🙂


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I Challenge you . . . to a Duel!

Whack! The glove stung the side of his cheek. The challenge was issued, the time was decided, and the two opponants stood face to face, glaring each other in the eye. Slowly they circled one another, swords raised.

The clash of swords rang out, fatigue was beginning to show upon their faces. The ladies of the court gasped in awe at their skill and bravery.

Jacob was quickly gaining his second wind, the Evil Baron was fading rapidly. He drew back his arm for the final blow . . .

Triumphant! He had won the duel, conquered the Evil Baron, and won the fair lady’s hand.

(Ok Dad, we’re done now. You can be alive. Dad? Dad!??! ) The hero realizes that though he has conquered the Evil Baron, the Baron is in fact his father. He lifts his head in sorrow and issues a wail of grief. (He really did start crying when Paul didn’t move, it was rather funny)

(If I hug you, will you be okay?)

He pulls the sword from his father’s side and as he lays his head upon his chest, sorrowing, the mighty giant of a baron moves. He’s alive! He has not been slain, but merely wounded.
Alas, the evil duke is too far corrupted, and in a final act of insanity and fury he attacks the young hero, laughing wickedly, “Mua ha ha ha!”

(hee hee Dad, that tickles!)


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