Oh! Those Curves . . .

We never used the word, (I hunker down into a whisper, shifting my eyes from side to side to see if someone else is listening), sexy, in our home. I never heard my parents tossing the word back and forth and we didn’t have a television, so I never heard it there. I knew what the word was and what it meant, it just wasn’t a part of my daily vocabulary, and on the seldom occasion I did use it, I always felt that I was being just a bit naughty, heh. πŸ™‚ My best friend in high school would use the word though, rather frequently and we always laughed, she probably wanted to see what it took to turn my ears red. πŸ™‚ There was one time though, we were Juniors, and our band was qualifying for state competition once again. We were up at Lewis and Clark College. . .

“It’s not that cold!” I laughed as my friend came around the corner with a black tuxedo jacket draped on her shoulders. “Who’s jacket did you steal this time?”

“It’s my sexy clarinet player’s jacket,” she declared. She played clarinet too and I thought of the only guy that played clarinet with her. He was really cute, one year ahead of us, sandy hair with a curlyish wave, blue eyes, nice looking face, and shy as all get out. He was very quiet and reserved and had ears that liked to glow red, similar to mine.

We hooked arms and joined a couple of our other gal friends meandering towards the entrance of the college, talking about my friend’s “sexy clarinet player”, which turned into a conversation about the word sexy itself. I was laughing, and thinking how bright his ears would really turn if he knew we referred to him as the “sexy clarinet player”. We stopped at the curb chatting and as I lost interest in their “sexy” talk I saw a school bus driving toward us. I had wanted to tease her, to give her a bad time about her usage of “sexy”. I didn’t say what I meant to say though. I wanted to say, “oooh, let’s look at all the Sexy people on the buses.” But, what came out was infinitely more hilarious, and embarrassing for me. As the bus drew near I proclaimed with a soft sultry, slightly mocking voice, “oooh, let’s look at all the sexy buses.”

I realized what I had said when my friends burst into laughter, and I joined them shaking my head. “J!” she proclaimed, “you never use the word sexy, and then use it to describe a school bus!” We dissolved into gales of laughter. She made sure to let everyone know of my faux pas (but I didn’t mind, because she wasn’t mocking me, and it really was funny) and it became quite famous. One friend jokingly asked if I found the flat nose buses more sexy or the regular buses. “Oh, the regular buses definitely! So many more curves!” I declared laughing. My friend even told my scandalous story to my mom, which had repercussions as we were driving down the street.

“There’s a mail truck, J” my mom said.
“Yeah, so?” I wondered where on earth she was going with this mundane comment.
“Well, do you find them as sexy as the buses?” she asked innocently batting her eyelashes.
“Mom! She told you, didn’t she?” I asked laughing, and trying to decided if it was mortifying or not to hear your own mother use the word sexy (after all mom’s are ancient aren’t they, well, to teen agers anyway, heh). πŸ™‚

My friend was sure to tell my HHH before we got engaged, in fact it was the first time she met him. I belive she started off with something like, “I think there is something you need to know about J and school buses . . . ” He still gives me a wink every time we pass a bright yellow bus, but I assure him, “Don’t worry HHH, they don’t begin to compare with you!”


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8 responses to “Oh! Those Curves . . .

  1. Oh I’m sorry J but that really was TOO funny! I’m laughing so hard. I think the reason it struck so funny to me is I’m sure I would have made the same faux pas trying to use a phrase like my friends that I didn’t normally use. I’m pretty sure I HAVE done that before!

    You will never live it down, but at least you are able to find the humor in it along with everyone else and enjoy a good laugh at your own expense. That’s the best medicine for a situation like that!

  2. Love, Love, LOOOVE! The new template. I don’t think you could have found something to fit you better! Awesome!

  3. I’m sorry you think the flat-nosed busses are not as sexy. The bus in my living room is flat-nosed, in fact it is as perfectly boxy as can be.

    I’ll be sure never to tell our schoolbus what you think.

  4. You had great friends in high school. I was going to say I don’t remember getting all hung up on words, but I was the girl who couldn’t swear. And I wish it was only my ears that turned red. My entire face would blaze when I was embarrassed.

  5. ABQ, what would life be without laughter? And someone has to provide it . . . hee hee:)

    PM, Gotta have those curves, man . . .heh πŸ™‚

    Karen, My redness depends on the severity of my embarassment, I have been accused of looking precisely like a lobster before . . πŸ™‚

  6. I think it’s funny that you refered to him as the “sexy clarinet player”. When I was a freshman at Ricks, in Symphonic Band (you were there… even if I didn’t know you then!!), we had a flute/piccolo player who is a guy. He was one of my best friends that year. Anyway, Heather U. and I sat behind him and would kind of “heckle” him… we’d whistle and say “Oooh, look at that sexy piccolo player!” When his mom came out for Mother’s week, she took a picture of Heather, the guy, and me. Heather and I further embarrassed him by kissing him on each cheek right when she snapped the picture. Good times.

  7. so funny! i needed the laughter, and man, did you provide.

    sexy is a cara term. i mean, i’m totally at ease with it and use it … um, in situations. heh. apparently, my nephew heard me once tell a boyfriend he had a sexy voice… and bf responded, so my voice is sexy, but not the rest of me? i said, oh, but you are so sexy. from that day on, though he was just really learning to talk, my nephew announced himself by saying, “i so sexy!”

    LOL. now that’s bizarre, and kills the word. but it did make tia cara pay attention to all open ears when she opened her mouth. and this was good.

  8. ff- that is so funny! bet that caused quite the riot. πŸ™‚ I can just picture this little toddler walking up to someone and announcing, “I so sexy!” Oh, it just gives me a fit of giggles. πŸ™‚

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