When Daddy Stops to Play

(dedicated to my HHH)

Giggles infused with joy ricochet
Off the walls, like rainbows off a prism
And I know Daddy is here.

Mopes and frowns transformed,
I see shining eyes framed by curls
When Daddy stops to play.


“Fee Fie Foe Fum!” squeals
Scatter through the air, escaping Daddy
Giant and the tickles waiting there

But now I hear a different sound,
Of Daddy yelping madly, I fear his battle
With the knights is going rather badly.

“Gi’yup! Gi’yup!” little one calls,
I see she’s bronco busting, bouncing wildly
In the air, her face is always trusting.

An Indian war cry fills the house
It’s piercing to my ear, they’re whooping all
Around me, I cower down in fear.

“Arrr! I be pirate!” he brandishes his
Cutlass high, along the plank he
Marches them, a patch upon his eye.

But now where are they? He spins
Around to see, 40 impish little
Fingers tickle him with glee.

“Help!” comes a holler, the crocodile
Is about, he’s gobbling quite madly
At their tummies sticking out.

Zooming like a rocket they speed
Through outer space, nothing can
Compare with the grin upon each face.

Now they joined the circus, Daddy
Dons a purple wig, I see them dancing
Wildly, a funny sort of jig.

They make a formal entrance to a
Fancy a ball, Daddy Charming
Waltzes them down the stately hall.


Comforters tucked beneath chins,
Reluctant fists clutch Daddy’s
Fingers as drowsy eyes drift in slumber.

A butterfly kisses their cheeks,
Bringing dreams of the magic
When Daddy stops to play.

-J.H. Schmidt


Filed under Children, Parenting, Poetry, Writing

4 responses to “When Daddy Stops to Play

  1. Deb

    My pirate name is “Dread Pirate Rackham”. LOL.

    I love the changes you made to your template. Looks awsome!

  2. Deb

    BTW, I got distracted by a toddler pretending to be an earring and forgot the rest of my post.

    I like the poem too!

  3. Beautiful poem:) Sounds like your children have a wonderful Daddy. What a blessing!

    Oh, and I think the moment you captured in the sand dunes is wonderful!

  4. Great Poem. Sounds like a lot of fun when daddy comes home. It reminds me of one of the primary songs. Happy Father’s Day Paul.

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